I survived the six weeks holidays!!!  We have had lots of happy days filled with sunshine and laughter, and memories to treasure.  We’ve also had days with tantrums, “I’m bored” and time that seems to move at a snails pace.  All in all, a mixed bag.

My boys are 2 and 6.  At times I have felt the need to split myself in half to keep both of them happy. Then there were the times I have watched them playing with tears in my eyes that all this will one day end.  I have also screamed into a pillow because they are driving me crazy with constant demands and whinging.

So here are some of the…

Lessons I Learnt During The Summer Holidays


Image of a Beach sunset, birds flying with the text Lessons I Learnt During The Summer Holidays


  • Always keep the freezer well stocked with ice creams.
  • The six weeks holidays costs almost as much as Christmas!
  • It doesn’t matter if you shop for school shoes at the beginning, middle, or end of the summer holidays, it is ALWAYS hell.
  •  Despite best intentions and having a whole six weeks, homework will always be left to the last minute.
  • It is impossible to keep a clean and tidy house.
  • If you say ‘yes’ to ice creams for breakfast just once, they will ask you at least 17 times, every single morning for the next six weeks.
  • Always be prepared.  Just because last time you had fish and chips at the beach and they were happy to throw stones in the water, doesn’t mean that this time they won’t throw themselves into the water. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious until they have to drive home with no clothes on because Mummy didn’t bring any towels.
  • Table manners will need to be retaught in September after 99.9% of meals for the last 6 weeks have been alfresco (aka eating on the floor of the playhouse between water fights).
  • There are days when “I’m bored” will be said so often you will want to shove your head in the oven.
  • Working from home is very difficult.  Interruptions are one thing, but when I worked in an office no one interrupted me because they needed me to wipe their butt.
  • A bowl of water in the garden provides hours of entertainment.
  • The husband having two weeks off work saved my sanity.
  • Punishments for bad behavior change, because quite frankly “no TV” is more of a punishment to me.
  • Kids ask on average 300 questions a day.  Some days 297 of these questions will be asked before 7am.
  • Late nights NEVER lead to a lie in the next day.
  • Late nights ALWAYS lead to grumpy behavior the next day.
  • If your neighbours don’t have kids, they will probably hate you by mid August.
  • Going to the park can become an entire day out.
  • Playing outside all day means my kids look like street urchins and the bathwater at the end of the day is a very questionable colour.
  • The snack cupboard needs replenishing daily.
  • I have a new found respect for teachers.
  • Facebook can give me holiday envy.
  • Having a bad day doesn’t make me a bad Mum.
  • McDonald’s can be a lifesaver when you’ve been out all day and the kids are hungry NOW!
  • You will get bored of the sound of your own voice. “Please play nicely with your brother” “Stop shouting” “Please don’t lick your brother”. 
  • Getting more craft practice doesn’t make me any better at it.  This is coming from someone who presented her husband with a painstakingly and lovingly made gift, to be asked “did the kids make it?”. #crapatcrafts
  • Being free from routine and structure is fun and liberating, and means you can be spontaneous.
  • Being free from routine and structure can turn the kids slightly feral.
  • Ice lollies provide 4 mins and 47 seconds of peace.  (Unless dropped on the floor and in which case provide 11 minutes and 39 seconds of crying)
  • The six weeks holidays are exhausting.
  • There’s a lot of fun to be had and memories to be made.

I’m ready for the school runs and lost jumpers to resume!

How was your summer holidays?  What did you learn?

Collage of images of children playing at at beach in summer. Lessons I Learnt During The Summer Holidays


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Claire Kirby

24 Comments on Lessons I Learnt During The Summer Holidays

  1. Impossible to keep your house clean – amen to this! Daddy has been home on ‘holiday’ for a week, which basically means he hangs around the house leaving his fur in the bathroom and chocolate wrappers in the living room. What happened to Mummy’s holiday?! #FridayFrolics

  2. Haha! Well, I suppose the plus side of having two toddlers not in school is that the summer holidays aren’t really a problem or a big deal. The downside is that every day of the year is like this! 😉 #FridayFrolics

  3. Oh my god how I can related to almost every point here. Love it!

    The first couple of weeks were actually quite pleasant. The 2 & 5 yr old hadn’t seen each other much during the term time what with school etc, so the novelty factor carried us through. Until they got sick of the sight of each other. we all agreed that we were all sick of the sound of my voice, and their whinging.
    I dont think ive ever spent so much money on food and entertainment EVER. ice lollies were on a conveyor belt from freezer to mouths.
    We did have a lot of fun, but I do have to admit that I was counting down the days until the normality of the school run returned. I love a routine, and I love the girls going to school / nursery!!! I hope that doesnt make me a bad Muma!
    big love, L

  4. We only cottoned on to the bowl of water trick about 2 weeks in. The Tots then spent 4 weeks “washing stones” in the garden. I just need to get them both an ‘og-pog’ now and my ambitions to raise two small Makka Pakkas will be realised! Love this! Thanks for hosting #FridayFrolics x

  5. I don’t even have kids at school yet and still everything on your list resonates, bizarrely the “don’t lick your brother” or in my case, sister. I mean, really, what is that about?! I’m currently wondering when I should stop with the ice cream as it is such good bribery. What do I do in winter?! Loved this post! #fridayfrolics

  6. The six weeks weren’t really any different from the other weeks of the last year except they were sunnier so I actually quite enjoyed them! But your list is a cautionary tale of what is to come once NG starts school (I work in one so will be off ALL holidays and definitely be taking some of these tips to heart!) Thanks for hosting #FridayFrolics

  7. I’ve got an achy neck from nodding at EVERYTHING on your hilarious list. I think I went slightly feral too during the holidays (my husband had to unexpectedly go away for a fortnight with a family crisis) and I was left to go slightly savage too, but I didn’t (and for this the neighbours are truly grateful) run around the back garden naked! The bath had a scurf line like an old tug boat (with barnacles) and as you say, the kids got through a cr*ptonne of snacks! Already loving the ‘lost jumper’ posts on Facebook!!!! #fridayfrolics

  8. Such a truthful, refreshing list. And I think that’s one of the unanswered questions of the universe ” Why late nights never lead to lie ins? Why WHY WHHHHY!!!! #FridayFrolics

  9. Ours are a bit older but the bucket of water in the garden is still a winner! Such an accurate list of what we go through every summer! Still, we miss them when they go back to school:[ #FridayFrolics

  10. We had 7 weeks off up here and the weather sucked in Scotland, but we had some good times when I was off work. It is a long time. I am glad you’ve got two happy boys and hope you had a good time xx #FridayFrolics

  11. If you say ‘yes’ to ice creams for breakfast just once – you did what?? The whole list really made me smile – some day are just amazingly beautiful aren’t they and you think you’re winning and then other days … well the less said the better! Glad you survived! #FridayFrolics

  12. Hey – just stumbled across your post – the wonders of google!

    Had a pretty similar summer with my daughter – she’s turning 6 in January so becoming more and more independent by the day!

    I’m a big advocate of playing outdoors, and specifically with a playhouse – a few of your points really resonated with me. Love the idea of a bowl of water in the garden – never even thought of something as simple! My little one loves chucking water down the slide, so I suppose that figures!

    I’m rambling..all the best!

  13. Well my girls are 13 and 10, so nope I don’t have to wipe anyone’s bottom, but the rest of your list looks pretty much spot on. I would add (having girls) nipping into Boots or Superdrug is impossible as you will spend at least 10 minutes looking at every single piece of make-up they have on display!

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