On this blog I am honest about the highs and the lows of parenting. I am also upfront and transparent on when I have been paid for posts.

There are several ways I earn an income from this blog that you might see. Below is a description of these revenues for further clarification.

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is where a company approaches me to write a post on a subject area related to their product and include some information about their brand.

For example I wrote this post the Rules For Playing in the Garden for Shed Store. It’s a light hearted post but at the end includes a paragraph about the Shedstore with a link to their site.

These posts will always have the disclaimer, “This is a sponsored post”.


I do not write many reviews on this blog. The ones I do are products I am genuinely interested in. Occasionally we are offered family days out which I jump at the chance to do something that my boys will love.

When I review a product, service, or day out, this has been gifted to us. I do not pay for the item, or the entry to the attraction. I have still yet to learn how not to cringe when going and collecting my ‘free’ tickets because it all feels a bit, well, awkward.

But it’s not technically a ‘free’ ticket. I work for that ticket. Taking photos and editing them. Trying to access as much of the attraction as possible to be able to give a fair and honest review. Writing a post, editing it, and sharing it across social media platforms that I work hard to maintain.

I am always honest in my reviews and what you read will be my opinion. Reviews will have a disclaimer to say that I was gifted the product, and will be under the category reviews.


Editorials are guest posts where I have been paid to publish content not written by myself.

These are always labelled as “This is a collaborative post” and will be under the label “Editorial”

paid posts

Affiliate Links

If a post contains the line “this post contains affiliate links” it means the links to the products I am suggesting are part of an affiliate scheme. If you were to click the link and purchase the product I would earn a small commission.

Non-paid content

Sometime’s I write about things I genuinely love, like for example my Five Under £5 series. These are things I have bought myself with my hard earned cash. Hence why they are mostly under £5!

These will not contain any disclaimers as I have not been paid to write the content.

I hope this makes everything clear, but if you would like more information then please do drop me an e-mail to claire@lifeloveanddirtydishes.com