So this is the bit where I get to blow my own trumpet.  Shout about my best bits, my posts that have been featured in, promoted and published by other sites, magazines and brands.

I am a regular contributor the the following sites…

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes is an award winning blog!

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My work is regularly featured…

My post We Are Not Rivals was featured in the national press by The MirrorThe Mail and Closer.  It was featured as number 12 in the Huffpost top 20 posts of 2015.

The Toddler-o was winner of the Good to Know best reads competition.

My posts are regularly featured and shared on social media by Mumsnet, Huffpost, Mummy Pages, Selfish Mother, Scary Mommy and Netmums.

I also contribute to various guides and opinion pieces such as this.

I have been published in a book!

In April 2018 I was published in a collaborative book “We need to talk about the conditions of my imprisonment”

Freelance contributions

I regularly work as a freelance writer and contributor.  Here are a few examples of my work and contributions…

Advice for soon to be grandparents

Making your home grandchild friendly

Successful Sleepovers With Your Grandchildren

Top Tips For The Drive Home For Christmas

Teaching Values

Tips for Parents of Fussy Eaters

Easter celebrations with grandparents.

Uk’s First Cars

The Ultimate Guide to the School Run

Popular posts…

Please see below a selection of my most popular posts that have been shared, including several that have gone viral.

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