Last month we had a lovely family holiday in Cornwall.  Unfortunately that lovely holiday started with a four hour road trip from hell, and thus inspired this little parody of Summertime by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

Grab your shoe horn, and get ready to bust out some rhymes!


Summertime by jazzy jeff and the fresh prince parody




Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?


The car’s all packed and so is the roof box,

Front door’s been checked to see if it’s been locked.

Kid are buckled in and we’re ready to vacation,

Sat nav tells us four hours ’till our destination.

We begin our journey and the kids are just fine,

Mummy’s looking forward to her first sip of wine.

But things are about to get shit,

Ten miles in and the traffic jam hits us.

It  appears we are not the only fools,

who have decided it’s time to down tools.

So many cars full of kids, luggage and beach balls,

The whole world and their dog are heading for Cornwall.


Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?

Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?


The kids are bored and they’re making a fuss,

Time to bribe them with sweeties, “Now please hush”.

The kids are having none of this,

They’re making it clear that they are real pissed.

Dad’s temper is frayed, and mine even more so,

“We’re on holiday, don’t be so ungrateful”.

Driving around there’s still two hours to go,

“No we’re not nearly there, not even close.”

“No I don’t know why the roads are so busy,

These non stop questions are making me dizzy”.

“Guys please chill and play on the Game Boy,

And no, I’m sorry, but I didn’t pack that toy”.

I turn around to see what’s making you moan,

It’s like this car is a natural torture zone.

Stop looking at your brother, it’s making him shout,

If this carries on much longer I’m jumping out.


Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?

Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?


An hour to go and the kids are both crying,

The DVD player’s battery is dying.

We’ve run out of snacks and the car is a mess,

Mummy’s had a meltdown ’cause she’s trying her best.

We can’t follow through with all the threats that we’ve issued,

Like “We’re going home if you don’t change your attitude”.

We’ve used all of the parenting tactics,

Like games, bribes, pleads, threats and silly antics. 

Sitting with my husband we reminisce,

About the days without kids and easy road trips.

And as I sit back I wonder how,

We’ll ever make a trip again without falling out.

My ass is numb and I’ve had enough,

The toddlers face is orange from eating cheese puffs.

Now there’s five miles to go and the stress is slipping away.

We’ve made it, we’re finally here,

I shed a tear and both the kids cheer.

I get out of the car looking somewhat dishevelled,

But we’ve all survived, it’s really a miracle.

I try not to think about seven days time,

When back into the car we’ll all climb.

Now’s the time to open that wine,

it might be warm but I don’t mind.

I raise my glass and say “Thank God that’s over”.

There’s an air of love and of happiness,

And this is a Mamas definition of road trip madness.


Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?

Summer Summer Summertime

Can you sit back and be quiet?


Check out the original Summertime by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.  A song that always makes me smile…

Apologies to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.  


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A parody of Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff Summertime for any parent that has ever survived a road trip with kids





Claire Kirby

13 Comments on Summertime by Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – A Parody

  1. Ha, love this – a painful reminder of the less fun side of long summer holiday road trips. And such a great summery song too – takes me right back. 🙂

  2. Another great summer time tradition – hanging out with your car’s besties in a giant open air car park … er sorry, motorway. Enjoy actual Cornwall!

  3. I’m not sure what’s worse- driving with kids in the back on a long journey or being the attentive passenger parent who gets serious neck ache/motion sickness from turning round. I also particularly love whacking my head on the glove box while hunting for snacks in a bag in the footwell. #fridayfrolics

  4. Ahh, this is genius. I loved it! My fave line – “Stop looking at your brother, it’s making him shout,” I have to say this one every day to my two! Brilliant. We went to the UK last summer and it was a mammoth road trip that the girls aren’t used to living in Jersey. We had to drive from Suffolk to Yorkshire and ten mins in they shouted “we must nearly be there?!” It was painful!

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