From amusing parenting fails to my battle with body confidence, these are the series that you can read on Life, Love and Dirty Dishes…

39 Years Life Experience

As I try to come to terms with turning 40 next year this series looks at the life lessons of the past 39 years, from they types of people in this world, the pros and cons of getting older, and the quotes that get me through tough times.  Sometimes funny, some times more philosophical, there’s something for everyone in these reflective posts.

Blog Geek Tips

Whether you are looking for help with getting organised or the blogging world jargon, this series of tips will help you find your way in the blogging world.  Each posts contains resources from other great bloggers for further reading on the topic.

How to Parent

The best advice on the internet.  Maybe.  Parents are bombarded with advice from everywhere, and more often than not we haven’t even asked.  This guest series is the antithesis to advice.  Amusing tales from bloggers giving you their funny advice on how not to parent.

Loving Me

A very honest series about weight loss and body confidence and my battle with the two.  It was a difficult series to write, but one that I received so much support for.  If you struggle with confidence and are not happy with the way you look, I hope these posts can show you, you are not alone.

Rookie Mistakes

A guest series all about parenting fails from some hilarious bloggers.  Read about why you should never ignore poo o’clock, what happens when you breastfeed whilst having your nails done, and why no matter how prepared we think we are for parenting, we all make mistakes.  Mistakes that give us a good giggle when we look back.