There are many complexities of owning being owned by a toddler.  They’re a strange creature never fully understood by the rest of the world.  A fierce streak of independence, a distinct lack of compliance, and the propensity to change their mind more often than their nappy.  However there are 10 definite must haves for any self respecting toddler in any toddlerhood.


essential things for toddlers


1 Toddlers Must Have A Stick

A must have for all toddlers when walking any distance is a stick.  the bigger the better.  Any toddler worth their salt also knows that upon arrival at destination it will be insisted that the stick remains in their possession.  Any requests / distraction methods / bribery employed by a grown up to encourage the toddler to drop the stick will be met with a full blown tantrum.  When it comes to sticks toddlers are very similar to puppies.


2 Toddlers Must Have Wellies

Whether you are in your comfy onesie or dressed to impress, the appropriate footwear for any toddler is wellies.  Irrespective of the weather or the destination, indoors or outdoors, the footwear of choice will always be wellies.


3 Toddlers Must Have Unruly Hair

It is unknown what happens to toddlers when they sleep but the term ‘bed head’ was coined to describe their morning look.  And short of a full on hair wash and blow dry there is little you can do to tame the wild mane.  Hats or an abundance of frozen hair clips are the only option.


Toddler Must Haves


4 Toddlers Must Have Sticky Hands

It is well documented that Toddlers are mini tornadoes, and leave a mess in their wake wherever they go.  They also always have sticky hands that leave prints on mirrors, glass, walls and clothes.  More often than not the substance that has caused the sticky hand is unknown and it is only the really brave parent who really wants to know.


5 Toddlers Must Have Boogers

Whether it’s running down their face in a big slug trail, or they’re rooting around for it themselves, no toddler is complete without a booger or two.


6 Toddlers Must Have The Ability To Say No

The most used word in the toddler vocabulary and a must have in their arsenal of attack.  Used anywhere, any time and in any situation.  Even when they actually mean ‘Yes’.


Toddler Must Haves


7 Toddlers Must Have Impractical Toys

An essential item for any outing is a toy.  The toy the toddler chooses falls into one of two categories:

  • The most prized possession.  The one they cannot sleep without.  That one thing they have loved unconditionally with all their hearts since they were tiny.  The one irreplaceable thing you never want to leave the house for fear of it being lost, along with any hope of a full nights sleep ever again.
  • The most impractical toy they could choose.  If you are off to the local library or to visit great nanny in the nursing home, it will be the loudest toy on earth.  Off for a spot of shopping then it will be the biggest thing they can find, which of course you will end up carrying along with the shopping.


8 Toddlers Must Have A Passion for Drama

Toddlers know how to attract an audience and put on an Oscar winning performance at a moments notice.  Woe betide you stop them from picking up that piece of dog crap at the park. They can produce real tears, and morph into a devil like character before your very eyes.  


9 Toddlers Must Have A Stubborn Streak

With that stubborn streak comes the ability to lay in the middle of the pavement for a ridiculous amount of time.  Parents of toddlers demonstrating their stubborn streak can often be heard saying, “Bye then, Mummy’s going now, bye” with little or no effect.  The stubborn streak can also be exerted when it comes to wearing clothes.  The toddlers preferred attire to be naked whatever the weather.  The stubborn streak is always attributed by parents to the parent not dealing with the current stubborn episode.


Toddler Must Haves


10 Toddlers Must Have The Cutest Smile

For all their crazy shenanigans and stead fast determination, one flash of that cheeky grin and all is forgiven.  It’s one of their most powerful weapons.  And boy do they know how to use it.


Smiling Toddler


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Toddler must haves

Toddler Must Haves

Toddler Must Haves


This is a collaborative post.


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Claire Kirby

17 Comments on 10 Must Have Items For Toddlers

  1. I have a nine month old and he is practicing with boogys now. It’s a constant stream! It’s funny when gran is around as she hates snot being wiped on her. I however, really don’t care! #FridayFrolics

  2. Haha this really made me laugh! YES with the stick! My kids are obsessed with sticks! It immediately becomes a weapon and it’s all fun and games until someone gets poked in the eye!! #fridayfrolics

  3. This is scarily spot on!! Every single one of them. I have a wild threenager, with unruly hair, sticky fingers and right now she is hitting me with a stick. Which is my cue to get of the computer! Loved this #fridayfrolics

  4. That smile for number 10! What a fab picture. The snot one! Or how about, ‘Toddlers must do an explosive sneeze of bubbling snot that tracks down their chin when you are driving the car so you can see it in the rearview mirror but can do absolutely nothing about it!’ #FridayFrolics

  5. Toddlers must choose to wear no clothes regardless of the weather. My son is currently creating a ‘tent’ wearing just his jocks. aaaaahhhh; the simple pleasures. #FridayFrolics

  6. Now this is a list of toddler essentials I can relate to – none of these strollers or booster seats!

    But what I don’t understand is which website they access to each get the same list of essentials. Is there a network of toddler bloggers on the dark web?

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