Before you become a parent people issue you lots of warnings about time. So you figure you have a handle on how parents really spend their time. They warn you that time goes really quickly, and to treasure every minute. You soon learn that time does go really quickly, but some tantrum and poo filled minutes really aren’t to be treasured.  They warn you that you will spend no time sleeping and a lot of time changing nappies.  True on both counts.

But they don’t warn you of the more unexpected ways you might spend your time.  The time you spend repeating the same tasks over and over again to the point you actually begin to question what else you could be doing with your time instead.  Because there are probably at least 99 other things that you can think of that would be better than the current task in hand.


how parents really spend their time


For example I spend way too much time in the mornings telling my kids to get their shoes on. Time that I could actually spend doing my hair rather than rocking another mum bun. But no, instead I spend that time shouting “shoes” so often that even I am bored of the sound of my own voice.


I expected…

Some things are expected to a certain degree.  I expected the amount of laundry to increase with my growing family.  But I did not expect the laundry to take over my life.  We have to have scheduled laundry time in order for us not to disappear under a mountain of clothes.  And there is always a ridiculously large pile of clothes either waiting to be washed, waiting to be ironed or waiting to be out away.  Sometimes all three.


But I didn’t expect…

I spend a ridiculous amount of time every day putting the doors back onto Postman Pat’s van.  How the people of Greendale get any deliveries is beyond me because Pat only seems to make it down the windowsill once before the doors are off and the van comes to me for repair.  Just to spice up my life a bit today I counted how many times I responded to my little dictator waving Pat’s van in my face and shouting “Onnnnnnnn”. Seventeen times I put those bloody doors back on.



So if you are looking to find out what a parent really does with their time, here are some examples of the endless activities we partake in from some fellow bloggers…


How Parents Really Spend Their Time:

Stickers!  I’m always removing stickers from everything. Toy cars, pockets, inside socks, on slippers… everywhere!  Nicola Says  


Saying “Do not to eat the dog food” – it doesn’t matter how many times I move him away he still thinks it’s some kind of delicacy! Mama Wilkos


Telling my boys to stop looking at each others willies! Stacey in The Sticks


Constantly telling my two to stop trying to feed each other cat treats and also to stop feeding the cat their dinner. Bell & Bear


Washing the blue snoopy cup because apparently the other 20 cups we own just aren’t good enough.  Twinderelmo


Peg jigsaw boards. I’m forever putting all those back once the kids are bored of them.  Me, The Man & the Kids


Hoovering up!! How do they produce so many crumbs?? They can be sat there, eating off a plate, at the table, and still manage to get half of it on the floor. I live in constant fear of mice!!!! Five Little Doves


Finding felt tips. I have no idea how many felt tips I have bought over the years, but when it comes to arts and crafts time, I can not find them anywhere!  Yorkshire Wonders


Hunting for hairbands, and socks. Not even matching socks, just ANY socks. Somewhere in my house there is a magical hairband and sock land, one day I will find it… Mummy is a Gadget Geek


how parents really spend their time


Researching answers to questions I can’t answer myself!  Living Life Our Way


Checking my own clothes for food hand prints or anything substance that they may have found and wiped on me.  Nature Mum Blog


Picking up Cheerios, digging Cheerios out of the back of the sofa, hoovering Cheerios out of car seats, stopping my kids eating week old Cheerios that they found under the sofa…basically I just never knew that having two children would involve so many Cheerios! Toby Goes Bananas


‘Look where you’re going… LOOK where you’re going… I SAID LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING!’ *crash -toddler walks into dustbin*. Porridge and Parenting


Taking toys out of their boxes! All those screws, zip ties, plastic screws and wire make a mummy and daddy occupied for a very long time!  Raw Childhood


I spend way too much time putting the utensils back on the little display hooks on my son’s Ikea kitchen and separating the food groups of his play wooden food into the correct crates.  Thrifty Mum


Helping them look for some obscure, plastic, rubbish, toy… knowing fine well you threw it out in the last clear out but you cannot face the inevitable melt down if you admit this. Witty Hoots


Do these sound familiar?  How do you spend your time?


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How do parents really spend their time?  Apart from changing nappies and not sleeping, their are some unexpected things that take up your time as a parent.  Like replacing the doors on Postman Pat's van every 2 minutes!  Read this humorous look at the monotony of parenting.


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