I’m back with the second instalment of Parenting Problems.  You can read the first part of the A – Z here.

Letter blocks with the text the A - Z of Parenting Problems

Nap Times
Just when you get them off to sleep…

Babys Nap


Contrary to popular belief kids are great are sharing.  They are more than happy to share half chewed food, snot, their sickness bug germs.  But it’s not just the smalls.  We parents overshare too.  Ask me if I had an easy labour and I can give you a two hour birth story. Want to see a picture of my kid, here’s a thousand.  The problem is as parents we are so used to that glazed look when we are talking to our kids, that it doesn’t really register when other people have left the conversation!

Parent & Child Spaces
There’s never enough of them!  When I was pregnant with the little one I drove to an express store to get some milk.  There was only one space.  I parked and couldn’t get out. I had to wait 10 minutes for the car next to me to move.  Once I had got out and purchased my milk, I had to wait another 10 minutes for another car to move to I could get back in.  It wasn’t a very express visit!

Parent and child


When you are a parent ‘quiet’ is never good.  Quiet means there’s a problem.

Book ripping


Road Rage
It’s so easy to forget those little ears are in the back when someone cuts you up and so hard to convince your child you said look at that tanker

School Run
So many problems…

sods laws


I knew there would be tantrums.  I just thought they would stop after the toddler years!  And of course what parent hasn’t felt the hot rush of embarrassment when their child decides to tantrum very publicly, and you have to do the walk of shame with a toddler kicking and screaming as you carry them over your shoulder and out of the supermarket.

sods laws

Unruly Behaviour
When your 6 year old has the back chat of a 16 year old, and your 16 year old has the attitude of a 6 year old. It’s no wonder we reach for the wine!

I feel like 50% of my time is spent begging my kids to eat them and the other 50% disguising them so they don’t know they are eating them.



It doesn’t matter how many times you asked them if they needed the loo when it was convenient to go, when a kids gotta pee, they gotta pee.  This normally means your just served food gets cold, your supermarket trolley gets abandoned, you leave the cinema just after the opening credits, or you have to pull over on the hard shoulder.

We all expect to have those conversations about body parts and the birds and bees.  I wasn’t expecting to have them in the doctors waiting room or at the supermarket checkout. #nofilter

Yucky Stuff
Ever had someone else’s poo under your fingernail?  Caught someones else’s vomit with your own hands?  Picked bogies out of some one else’s nose?  Welcome to parenting!

Crocodile Wrestling


This parenting lark leaves you so knackered you do strange things like fill the kettle with milk and leave the house with your clothes on inside out.  


What would be in your A-Z of parenting problems? 

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Claire Kirby

14 Comments on The A – Z of Parenting Problems – Part Two

  1. So much yucky stuff! It’s not just nap times either! I have now resigned myself to the fact that however much I try to avoid the food shopping delivery interfering with the sleep of the youngest (who is not the easiest to get to go to bed), it will not work. Try to time it fairly early so it is when she is usually still awake, she’ll go to bed early but be woken by door. Try to time it late enough that she is certain to be long in bed, she’ll stay up until it arrives, or fall asleep seconds before…and be woken by the door! #FridayFrolics

  2. Ah this is fantastic, the pictures were cracking my up. I almost rugby tackled a man that parked in a parent child space..ran in the shop and came out with beer two seconds later. He totally was a tanker. That is better than my ‘bitch’ that came out when someone drove into my car…It had to be changed quickly to beach..lets got to the beach. I almost wish my son would misbehave if it would mean I get 10 minutes silence without WHY questions…Do you know why bum cheeks are called bum cheeks? #Fridayfrolics

  3. I haven’t had a little one for many years, but I remember those days so well. Loved the Baby’s Nap meme, so so true. Dropped by from #FridayFrolics and hope this weekend treats you kindly. 🙂

  4. My R is for repeated and random questions. Questions that could have many answers ( i invariably don’t get these right) or no answer and the questions that even google holds it’s hands up to? #fridayfrolics

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