Baby brain.  We’ve all suffered.  From forgetting what you were talking about mid-sentence, to putting your car keys in the fridge.  When we have a baby our brains are overloaded with new things to worry about, is the baby too hot? Is their poo supposed to look like that? Have they always breathed that fast? Then we have to remember what time was the last feed, and when the next nap is due, all the while calculating how many hours before our heads can hit the pillow.  Add sleep deprivation to the mix and it’s no wonder we might have the odd mishap.

Baby Brain Fail


Here are my top five baby brain fails.


Sitting in the passenger seat of the car.  

The problem with this is that I was supposed to be driving the car.  I had loaded my four-year old into the car, and the baby, and all the baby’s paraphernalia, then got in the passenger seat and put my seat belt on.  What’s even sadder was it took the little voice from the back saying “Mummy, why are you sitting in that seat?” for me to realise.


Filling the kettle with milk. 

In my defense it had been a particularly long night with a lot of feeds.  Thankfully I didn’t boil it.


Tumble drying dirty clothes.  

Going to empty the washing machine to discover that you have warm dirty clothes rather than wet clean ones.  Not only a complete waste of time but also shrunk some clothes that were not meant to be tumble dried. Unfortunately I haven’t done this just once.  Not even twice.  Three times.


Cooking eggs until they explode.  

I didn’t even know they did that.  But trust me if you put some eggs on to boil and then happen to forget about them, there will be a big bang in about 45 minutes time.  A black saucepan is the least of your problems when you are cleaning egg of every surface.  And when I say every surface I mean the worktops, the tiles, the floor, the hob, the fridge, the windows and the ceiling.  It smells pretty bad too.


Leaving things behind in changing rooms.  

So I was in a hurry, I had left the baby with Daddy so I could zoom into town and try to get a nursing top. When I left the changing room ready to purchase my new top it felt a bit chilly.  But then it would if you leave the changing room wearing your jeans and a bra.  Must remember to put all clothes back on.


Baby brain.  Causing shame and embarrassment to all new mums everywhere.


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46 Comments on Baby Brain Fails

  1. I love this! Baby brain makes us do the weirdest things, baby brain isn’t just while you’re pregnant. I hang dirty washing on the line regularly and get the milk and cereal muddled when returning them to the fridge and cupboard. When you sat in the passengers seat, that made me laugh! At least we have funny memories!

  2. Ohhhhhhh goodddddd I soooooo recognise this!!! I did soooo many weird ridiculous things especially with my second!!! You actually feel like you are looking in on yourself because you don’t feel like you!!! Baby brain but two years on from my second I am still doing ridic thing!! Like the sitting in the passenger seat the most!!

  3. I feel your pain. I’ve been known to put boxes of cereal into the fridge, leave our massive and unmissable changing bag in a number of places, always getting into the wrong side of the car, calling people by the wrong name, the list is endless. Glad I’m not alone! #FridayFrolics

  4. Briliant. I dont think I would have been able to drive for the first six months of no sleep! I’ve regularly put orange juice in my tea. I think thats as bad as its got thankfully! #FridayFrolics

  5. “You’re once, twice,
    three times a lady…
    (who tumble dries dirty laundry!)” 😀
    Didn’t know that eggs exploded. You have educated and informed me once again!

  6. Ha ha – my kids are 3 & 5 and I still suffer from ‘baby brain’! I’ve done the egg thing several times and never seem to learn, and the other day left all my daughters clothes in the swimming pool reception while she had her lesson – thankfully they were still there when we went back! D’oh! Great post #fridayfrolics

  7. Aw that’s brilliant- good tip about the eggs too! My husband boiled some stock dry once- I almost had to move out! #fridayfrolics

  8. Great post – even though mine are three and four now I still claim baby brain is responsible for me wandering from room to room aimlessly trying to remember what it was I went in there for! Thanks for making me chuckle! #TheList

  9. My baby brain is horrible. I say I have double baby brain all the time as I used to be so quick and used to never forget anything but now I always forget everything. Having two babies back to back it has ruined my brain. Or that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. Glad I am not the only one. Love this post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  10. Fab post, all very relatable, but I have never filled the kettle with milk! That is a great one! I am always calculating hours till bedtime too. #ShareWithMe

  11. This post made me laugh a lot and I feel your pain! If it helps I read a scientific study where they had scanned pregnant women’s brains and they literally shrink when pregnant and take a year to get back to normal size, so its really not our fault that we do these daft things! Xx #sharewithme

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