I am 37 years old. Thirty-seven years six months and eleven days to be precise.  Firmly in my thirties.  My eldest child is about to enter year two at  school and the little one is nearly past the nappies stage.  The baby days have come to an end.  This leaves me feeling older and a million miles away from my carefree twenties.

Of course there are other signs.  University days suddenly seem like a long time ago and not like yesterday.  They were a long time ago.  The babies being born when I graduated have just left school.  I actually groaned typing that sentence. The grey hairs that seem to be sprouting by the day.  The fact that my body doesn’t recover from a hangover with a fry up and hair of the dog.  It now requires three days of solitary confinement.  Near on impossible, so the effects can be felt for a full week.

But I’ve noticed other signs that I am rapidly approaching my fourth decade and not feeling quite as youthful as I once did.  So here are my 10 signs you are in your thirties:  

30 road sign


1 The Radio

I remember thinking in my twenties that I would always listen to Radio One and never succumb to Radio Two.  But nowadays Radio One seems like a lot of loud noise and makes me feel very out of touch.  The first preset on any radio is now Radio Two.  Yes I still have a radio.

2 Bands

I have no idea whose who in the latest boy band.  In fact I couldn’t tell you which band sings which song.  My once superior pub quiz knowledge of pop has now been relegated to the golden oldies or retro years.  I still miss Top of the Pops.

3 Clothes

I know trends come back, and I’ve worn things that were fashionable when I was a teenager. All be it with sleeker hair, less acne and a larger waistline.  However when trends come back into fashion that you felt you were too old to wear the first time round it’s sad times.

4 Cover Songs

The signs you are getting old seems to come in stages when it comes to artists covering songs:

  • Stage One – You remember it the first time
  • Stage Two – You owned the original on vinyl
  • Stage Three – You owned the original on CD
  • Stage Four – You own both the original and the first time it was covered on CD
  • Stage Five – The original gave you a headache and you can’t believe someone has actually covered that crap.

5 Your kids think you’re ancient

Maybe it’s because they can work the DVD player (yes we still have one of those too) better than you, but they ask you things about the olden days and if you knew Guy Fawkes. Remember who feeds you kids.  

6 Fashion confuses you

When you pick something off the rails and are unsure if it’s a dress or a top or which way round it goes, it’s time to leave New Look.

7 You don’t keep up with the Kardashians

8 Netflix & Chill means something entirely different

In your world Netflix & Chill means watching half a movie on the sofa before you fall asleep and wake up when the credits roll.  In fact you only found out the real meaning when your husband told you.  And he doesn’t know this because he’s cool and trendy, but because he works in an office where there are cool and trendy people significantly younger than him. Sorry husband. x

9 You find yourself having to bite your tongue

Especially when you see teenager with a fringe so long it’s a wonder they can see and trousers so low they are mooning you.  Although they probably don’t call them moonies anymore. 

10 Terminology has changed

You have to google things such as YOLO to find out what they mean and then wanting to slap anyone that uses it.


Of course it’s not all bad.  Being in your thirties often brings more confidence than you had in your twenties and a brilliant ability to filter out bull shit.  I’m quite content to leave the crazy weekends to the twenty somethings in favour of cosy evenings in with a bit of Netflix & Chill 😉


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Claire Kirby

41 Comments on 10 Signs You Are In Your Thirties

  1. So glad to know I’m not alone. I’m 37, 5 months and counting, and these totally resonate with me. In fact, I still don’t know what some of these mean (cue frantic google search). Fab blog, from a new follower x

  2. Also in the mid-thirties club. My son asked me the other day if there were cars when I was little. Really? How did this happen to us? LOL. New follower. Love your blog.

  3. Oh bugger – investors been trying to pretend i’m not in my thirties! Mind you, I never really listened to the radio and still don’t, so not sure what that means. Do I have to admit that that radio I am not listening to is now radio 2?? #FridayFrolics

  4. I’m half way there! I’m still with it on the music front, love a bit of whatever their names are. But I have the same problems with fashion, I don’t keep up with it much and I’ve seen trends come back into play and remember when they used to be ‘cool’. Staying in at the weekends is much more fun anyway. All that putting on makeup and dancing until 2am just seems like so much work!! #fridayfrolics

  5. Luckily for me, I get to keep up with the youthspeak of today due to being around teens all the time in my job. It was they who broke the news to me that Netflix and Chill had a more loaded meaning that scrolling through various American TV shows in one’s PJs. I have to say though, I am finally starting to feel now, in my mid (ahem) thirties that I no longer give a stuff about what other people think.

  6. Oh this made me laugh, and I was nodding throughout!! Especially the music bit, as I hear myself saying to my girl, who’s found Radio 1 as the old songs are rehashed but with a electronic tag beat backing track. God I sound old just typing this !! Haha!!
    Great post!

  7. Oh no I’m going to have to google yolo – not a yellow rolo then? Thanks for the chuckles all the way through. Your comment on radio one made me titter, I never thought I’d defect to radio 2, however I’m now a big fan of Steve Wright again – remember him the first time around!. However my son makes me listen to radio one in the car so I can at least pretend that I like Bastille and Tame Impala. Totes agree -the younguns can keep their hangovers. #fridayfrolics

  8. Haha I am hitting 30 in the next couple of months. Reading through these, I can see that I’m partway there, with some that definitely apply and some that I just don’t get…yet! #TheList

  9. Haha yes! I will be 37 in January and I have gotten to an age where I am completely clueless about fashion, music and anything Kardashian related!! I try to learn as much as I can from my 12 year old but I fear I am definitely turning into an un-cool, ancient Mum in his eyes!! #fridayfrolics

  10. Ha ha ha, this is something that Mother would totally relate to and she hit the big 4-0 this year. She now listens to Classic FM instead of Radio 1 and Kiss, and she vehemently hates things like text speak – what’s wrong with the proper English?!? It also hit her that she is old enough to be my grandmother instead of my mother (to be honest, she looks old enough too). But – having said that – she would say being 40 rocks because she no longer gives a flying stuff what anyone thinks of her – which is incredibly liberating! Enjoy the rest of your thirties – the best is yet to come… x #FridayFrolics

  11. I’m also 37 but am still quite happy listening to KISS – stopped listening to Radio 1 years ago when they started talking too much!! But definitely having started uni 19 years ago feels a bit ancient and still don’t understand how people born in the 90s can be old enough to drink!! #fridayfrolics

  12. Interesting thoughts on the radio. I went off Radio 1 for years, decades even, but it’s upped it’s game. In fact I find the number of nostalgic radio stations quite irritating. I want to listen to new, modern music, not chart stuff from 20 years ago (but that’s just me). Maybe I should write fourty things about being in your forties?? #TheList

  13. I love being in my thirties too! And yes, I am not going to New Look anymore. They don’t have anything that fit me without looking like a weird woman who tries to look like a teen! I used to love this shop boooo! #effitfriday #fridayfrolics

  14. I’m 33 and so with you on this. I’m not in radio 2 territory but never listen to radio 1 anymore. It’s usually Heart or Kisstory. As for terminology don’t get me started. This is my go to black dress or haul and hack. AAGGGHHH!! #effitfriday

  15. Yes, I too am 37 years old and the one I have noticed the most is the demise of Radio 1. I used to love it and listen to Chris Evans on it. Now Chris Evans is on Radio 2 and I think that says it all. Radio 1 is just too much noise and hurts my heard. Argh, I sound old! #FridayFrolics

  16. I so don’t get fashion. Or know the names of bands on the radio. Or understand any acronyms kids are using these days. Nor do I want to. I’m happy in my pre-middle-age bubble, thanks! #FridayFrolics

  17. I always feel old when I realise a lot of the nineties was over 20 years ago! I still think of them as quite recent. #fridayfrolics

  18. Now that did make me chuckle (even though I am in my 40’s). I can most certainly relate to most of those, although with two daughters (13 and 10) I am still a little clued up on the latest boy bands and have moved from Radio 1 to Heart, not Radio 2 – I am reserving that for my 50’s 😉

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