Meal times with small people are synonymous with bribery and corruption to the highest degree.  There are negotiations tougher than any board room.  Standoffs to rival the O.K Carrol. Not to mention a blatant disregard for any manners or social etiquette.


Here are the first three stages of mealtimes with small people:


1 Milky


It is amazing that a tiny human being can survive and thrive by just drinking milk.  Milk and nothing else.  But man can they guzzle that stuff down.  I mean seriously, you can’t be hungry again can you?  My first born was what they refer to as a ‘hungry baby’.  That translates to ‘get comfy on the sofa, you are never leaving again’.  He fed every hour.  What I naively didn’t understand being a first time mum, was that you time their feeds from the start, not the end. So having a baby that feeds every hour basically means you fed for 45 minutes, then you have a quick wee break and make yourself a cup of tea, and by the time it’s cool enough for you to drink it’s feeding time again!  The Gilmore Girls got me through those early days.


Then we made the transition to bottles and our lives revolved around sterilising and measuring and warming bottles.  My son’s ‘hungry’ cry could bring you to your knees.  One of us would rush to get the bottle ready whilst the other paced up and down with a screaming baby. Recriminations of “How long does it take to heat up a @!@**@$ bottle” were slung from all directions.  Especially the baby’s.


Somehow you make it through those first 12 weeks.  You emerge the other side of the newborn fog, stronger, more confident and looking about 5 years older.  But you’ve got this gig sussed now.  The feeding has settled into a routine.  You have a system.  Some days you have been known to actually wear something other than Pajamas.  Enjoy these days, your life is about to become a whole lot messier…



2 Messy

It’s weaning time!  Whether you spend hours in the kitchen pureeing every vegetable known to man and googling how to cut a butternut squash, or whether you take the less preparation but, “oh my god don’t put all of that in your mouth at once” baby led approach, the end result is the same.  Mess.


Food will be thrown on the floor and rubbed in hair.  Walls will be adorned with Weetabix.  There will be actual arguments over who has to sit opposite your babbling bundle of joy with an aim Billy the Kid would be proud of.  You will learn that banana has the bonding powers of superglue.  Porridge can never be removed from anything, ever, and spag bol turns everything orange.

Spag Bol

The mess is worthwhile when you see those gimme gimme hands and squeals of excitement when you produce the Petits Filous.  And you can get your own back in about 18 years when you play the video of them trying something they don’t like.





3 Fussy

Who knew you could live off chicken dippers and weetabix for a whole week.  Welcome to the dictator toddler years.  They may have loved your lasagna last week and asked for more.  But this week lasagna is “yeuch”.  Last week Babybels left them shouting for “MORE!”  So you took advantage of the three for two offer and now they are just thrown on the floor.



So many rules with a toddlers teatime.  Don’t forget to make teddy a portion too.  Woe betide the carrots touch the peas, that is a tantrum inducing crime.  Don’t think you can fool them into eating vegetables by making them look like something fun that you saw on pintrest.  Your efforts will not be appreciated.  And seriously, who has the time anyway?



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32 Comments on Milky, Messy and Fussy. AKA Kids Meal Times

  1. Oh the spag bol orange! So annoying! I think I probably find the weaning stage the worst. Milk is time consuming and often inconvenient, but at least you don’t have to come up with ideas for it and they do drink it! Weaning is nearly as time consuming and half the time they don’t eat anything and then you have to do milk! #fridayfrolics

  2. Oh my god!! I’d take the 1st and 2nd phase every day of the week of it meant I didn’t have to deal with phase 3 EVERY single day. My son only eats cheese on toast, ham or plain pasta. He just feasts on fruit all day. At school however they say he is the best eater in the class and tries a variety of food as well as helping himself to the salad bar every day. The child is the devil

  3. I did baby led weaning. We had a bin liner taped to the floor. It looked like I was planning a murder spree. I fed my daughter with her in just her nappy and me with my dressing gown over my clothes. id have to turn the heating up as she was naked so I’d just be sweating away n far too many clothes while she laughed at me and threw carefully chopped up batons of food at me.
    Now we have upgraded to a rather jazzy orange plastic sheet on the floor. And still no-one eats squash. Great post as ever. xx

  4. Ha!! Very funny. How this brings back memories! My sons complexion once turned a hue of Orange, after I fed him pureed butternut for a week. Now after watching Mr. Bloom he screams if he sees me try and cut one with a knife. He thinks I’m murdering his favorite character.

  5. Oh yes, this is all very familiar. Tomato pasta is one of the things my tot would exist on if we allowed him. Our highchair tray table is orange permanently now I fear. Can’t wait until I’m met with ‘But I don’t like that’ and I can politely scream ‘Well make your own dinner then!’ back at them. Not that we’re having a difficult time in our house at the moment. Nope. Not at all.
    Thanks for hosting #fridayfrolics

  6. HA! All three of my kiddies were “hungry babies” – it is amazing how they can survive on milk alone, I guess that’s why they need so much of the stuff! My youngest is still a toddler & will eat something one day but not the next – there’s no reasoning with them! #FridayFrolics

  7. OMG yes to all of this – I have 2 really messy ones at the moment and one milk obsessed one and then two others that can’t seem to sit still, despite managing very well at school #fridayfrolics

  8. When will it ever end?! Great post, it helped me to laugh at my own misfortune and made me feel better to know someone else has porridge in odd places and orange stains everywhere – misery loves company 😉 Munchkin products are awesome, we have some cool colourful bowls and spoons.#TheList

  9. Oh yes, so very true. The messy stage of weaning is “fun” – I never realised quite how many foods cause really bad stains until my girls started weaning and porridge and weetabix both set like cement. And the frustration of the fussy stage – have had many a mealtime where I’ve served something that I know the girls will like only to have a “yuck!” back! Fab post 🙂

  10. Aaah toddlers. They’re SO fickle aren’t they?! Last week my twins loved peas — this week? ‘NO MAMA — NO LIKE PEAS’. Arrgh. Who knows what it will be next week! Thanks for linking up with us at #TwinklyTuesday

  11. What an ace post, oh so true, I was reading thinking yup been there, oh yes! So very true and I’m going through it all again with my 2nd 🙂 Thanks so ,much for linking up to the #bestandworst hope you’ll stop by again X

  12. Hahaha all so true, well I’ve haven’t reached the toddler stage yet, but given your accuracy on milk and weaning, I’m prepared! Who knew spag bol was so so orange! #bestandworst

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