We all like a good reminisce don’t we.  I wonder what memories my children will carry through with them to their adult life.  But here are my top 10 things that will make my kids think I’m ancient…

1. There were no GHD’s  

You could just let your hair dry naturally and rock up anywhere because everyone had untamed tresses.  If you were going all out then maybe your Mum would crimp your hair.  You felt super glamorous and grown up even though you looked like a poodle.  Scrunchies were in fashion.


Image Source: Pintrest


2. You owned a hifi mega system  

Forget your tiny Ipod and little docking station.  You had a stereo system that could do it all.  It played records, it had a CD player, it had a radio, and it even had, get this, 2 cassette decks.  You could actually record from one tape to another.  I know, genius!  and it still had the little hole so you could plug your headphones in.  And you thought Ipod’s were clever!

Hi fi

Image Source: pistonheads.com

However owning a mega system meant you also had a CD rack, a cassette box, and 2 record boxes (one for singles one for albums).


3. Top of the Pops was never to be missed

I distinctly remember my Dad saying “This isn’t music, I could do this” (specifically when Beats International were number one – you know the one “Tank, fly, boss, walk ,jam, nitty gritty, you’re listening to the boy from the big bad city, this is jam hot”).  And I distinctly remember thinking I’m never going to say the music my kids listen to is bad.  Yet I do find myself already saying “whoooooo?” However our parents didn’t need to worry about pop stars gyrating in their underwear being inappropriate for our viewing.  We had the likes of Tiffany who rocked it in her drain pipe jeans (yes they were drain pipe before they were skinny) and big baggy jumper. Ask any guy in his mid-thirties about Tiffany and he will blush a little.

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4. A Disc Hopper was the closest you got to a trampoline 

Also known as the lo-lo ball.  Hours of fun bouncing up and down without taking over your whole garden like the 6 foot trampolines kids need to own nowadays!  Many injuries to be had though including blisters, and falling on your face when it when flat and the ball shot out of the disc!

Toys of the eighties

Image Source: tumblr.com


5. You spent Saturday mornings in Athena  

What self-respecting teenage girl didn’t have this black and white print in their room?


Image Source: weheartit.com



6. You had to get your photos developed  

When you took your snaps you had no idea what they looked like.  After forking out pocket-money to buy the film for the camera, you’d have to wait for next months pocket-money to get the photos developed.  Even then you would have to wait a week because a same day turn around was absolute extortion.  You would eventually receive your 24 prints with 20 of them having a “poor quality image” sticker slapped across the middle.


Image Source: guidetofilmphotography.com



7. You had to use phone boxes  

It was the only way to tell your mum and dad to come get you.  And you could reverse the charges!  if you did have a mobile phone, it looked something like this…

Image Source: knowyourmobile.com


8. Amy and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory will always be Blossom and David


Image Source: quotesgram.com


Image Source: Wikipedia



9. You had to go to a shop to rent movies  

Depending on which type of video player you owned (VHS or Beta Max) determined which side of the shop you went.  And your Dad would get really mad when you got your video home and the last person who rented it hadn’t rewound it.

Top Gun

Image Source: Etsy



10. You owned a useless Soda Stream  

Your Mum and Dad would buy the various flavour juices pop it into the soda stream and hey presto your drink was fizzy.  You’d use it for about a week, and you would consume more fizzy drink in that one week than you would for the rest of your life.  Then the gas canister ran out and it would gather dust on the side for six months until your parents figured it was easier to just buy fizzy drink in the first place.


Image Source: theguardian.com


What are your memories of growing up in this era?  Did you have a soda stream?


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Claire Kirby

22 Comments on Another blog about growing up in the eighties and nineties

  1. Ah the lo-lo ball. I think my ankles are still scarred from gripping it!
    Can relate to all of this. Think my kids will think I’m from the dark ages when I tell them I remember the early days of email & the Internet!

  2. Some of these are coming back. I’ve seen a few young ‘uns with crimped hair recently, and I actually own a soda stream. It’s rubbish though. I think I was looking back on the delights of soda stream with somewhat rose-tinted spectacles!

  3. Absolutely love this post it brought back such happy memories, although we never got the soda stream (boo hoo)! Tiffany and Beats international on a boom box those were the days. Thanks so much for sharing on Flashback Friday! #fbfriday

  4. Crimping! I’d completely forgotten about crimping! I used to love it – it was the only way I could get not-completely-straight hair! Those kids have no idea what they are missing 🙂

  5. It’s funny how much our lives have changed in what feels like only the blink of an eye. Kids today will never understand why we needed pencils as an essential repair tool for music cassettes!

    Never was that keen on Tiffany myself …

  6. Oh wow, they did bring back some memories!! Those stereos and everything that you had to had with it, took up so much room!! But it was the coolest thing to have.

    I never had a soda stream but so many of my friends did. I really wanted one but Mum thought they were a waste of money. She was right in the end. As most Mums are.

    Thanks for the memories. xo #FridayFrolics

  7. Hahaha this tickled me so my sister in that photo. hahahaha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Holidays #sharewithme

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