Fashion is starting to make me feel old.  I am seeing things become fashionable again that I not only remember from the first time, but I spent my entire part time job pay packet on.

There are many things I have worn that my small people will one day either laugh at, or cringe at how embarrassing I am.  Some of these things I hope never become fashionable again.



How many of these 90’s fashion trends lurked in your wardrobe?


The Jelly Bag

A wholly impractical bag that had holes.  Not only could everyone see your possessions, but your possessions were likely to fall out and go missing.  However you could get one in any colour under the rainbow, and they were available from all good market stalls.

Jelly Bag


The Shell Suit

Seriously, there was a time when these were the height of fashion.  Just ask Anneka Rice.  All the kids had them.  Again they were available from all good market stalls.  Nowadays they would be classed as a fire hazard and would not pass health and safety tests.  We were living on the edge in Nylon heaven.

Shell Suit


The Satin Shirt

The height of sophistication, and available in a range of colours.  Of course the high street ones were more polyester than satin.  A lovely breathable material for hot sweaty night clubs.  The Satin Shirt was synonymous with sweaty pit stains!  Scully wore hers in her search for the truth.

Satin Shirt


The Body Suit

I wore this way before Beyonce.  Although not with fishnets.  They were great, until you needed to wee. Then you had to be a contortionist to get the poppers done up again.  Come on own up, who rocked the body suit undone and hanging over jeans look?

Body Suit


Kickers Shoes

I loved my Kickers.  All the cool kids had kickers.  And me.  My mum said they were ugly, masculine and stompy.  Being a teenage girl having your mums seal of disapproval just made them cooler.  Nothing bad to say about these bad boys.

Kickers shoes


Pineapple Ponytail

Your ponytail added another 4 inches to your height.  Once scrapped as high as physically possible and accessorised with a scrunchie you had to tease (a lot more painful than it sounds) sections of hair out, for what nowadays is being described as a gringe (grown out fringe) ala Kate Middleton.  You only had the ponytail right if at the end of the day you had a severe tension headache.  Nobody needed botox, the pineapple ponytail was an effective face-lift.

90's Hair


Which 90’s fashion trends do you remember for all the wrong reasons?


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Claire Kirby

31 Comments on Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt – 90’s Fashion Trends

  1. I know people who have created NE characters simply to be able to
    bust out their fantastic dance moves. Gone were the days
    when the likes of Eminem spit out great lyrics on the spot and wrote songs about own life experiences.
    And now pop singer are enlisting rap stars to
    be featured on many radio hit songs.

  2. Yep bodysuit, shell suit and kickers which I LOVED ha 😉 and I am feeling old too when people have started calling things I wore as a child or teen ‘retro’ eek! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  3. Oh my gosh I forgot about the jelly bag! And how about jelly shoes! And two pairs of squishy socks over leggings. lol The satin shirts – definitely not good! Kickers were great though – loved this post! #FridayFrolics x

  4. God I wanted a shell suit. With all my heart. I didn’t get one. Some things are just not meant to be. I think I was too busy wearing my hair in scrunchies and jeans with tassles on……!

  5. Ok, I remember these! Jelly bags, satin shirts! LOL…Great list! You made me laugh…. AT myself – but it is still sooooo retro cool! In my day, I used to have the denim jacket, the mullet hairstyle and Doc Martins?? Ok, I did not just tell you how old I am, did I? Thanks for hosting #fridayfrolics

  6. Oh wow I forgot about the shiny shiny materials. I remeber wearing black satin trousers and a dark green satin shirt to one party. Not sure how I managed to stay on furniture.

  7. Oh yes, this is hilarious! My shell suit had squares that glowed in UV light so at the school disco I was awwweeessoomee! Do you remember colour change t-shirts as well…global technacolour? And said t-shirt needed to be worn big and over leggings. #coolmumclub

  8. Kickers!!! I’d forgotten about those. Loved them. I never quite did the pineapple, but I did do the side ponytail.
    And those body suits, I hated them. So uncomfortable and impossible to undo/do up when you went to the toilet.

  9. I was obsessed with Kickers, I had so many pairs. I loved them. I didn’t rock the pineapple look as that was only for the chavs at my school, I wasn’t rich enough to own a shell suit but I remember being envious of my cousins. I never did the jelly bag, I don’t get them now, although maybe for the beach for children. Not really going to meet any of my practical needs. Great post #brilliantblogposts

  10. Haha! I remember these. I had a shell suit. Satin shirts were ridiculous, weren’t they? Kickers I think are fine. My rubbish hair saved me from pineapple ponytails – my hair would never have done that so I did not wear them! See also: quiffs! #MMWBH

  11. I am with you on all of these! Ullgh bodies…I still shudder. And then what about wonder bras and see through shirts – so so so wrong. (I still put my daughter’s hair in a pineapple though – that is cool)!!1

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