When it comes to your wedding, there are a lot of things that you have to think about. Not only do you have to find that perfect dress, but you have to choose a venue, decide on a theme, and you even need to consider the centerpieces that you’re going to have on your tables. In short, it can take you a really long time to organise your wedding, and it’s easy to forget about things.

One thing that you shouldn’t forget about, however, is how to get your kids involved, as they can feel pretty isolated due to all the adult-talk and decision-making. We’ve put down some simple tips here, so that you can keep them in the loop.

include your kids in your wedding

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1. Give them a little bit of freedom

Look, kids can be pretty particular when it comes to what they wear, and what they like. If you buy a frilly dress for your daughter who feels more comfortable in her jeans, she’s not going to be too happy to be walking down the aisle behind you as a bridesmaid. You need to be quite clever here, and come to some sort of compromise. You can get those wedding photos to look perfect aesthetically, but if your kids aren’t comfortable, it will show. Allow them to express their own personalities, and don’t worry about your daughter rocking some Dr. Martens to the ceremony with her dress. If it makes her happy, it’s worth it!

2. Think about the entertainment on offer

Your wedding entertainment can make or break your day, and depending upon the crowd at your reception, few people are going to be happy if you have a dull tribute band singing the same ABBA songs on loop. When it comes to getting your kids involved, it’s a good idea to think about how to make the reception enjoyable for them, too. Get one of the best wedding bands you can find, who can really cover a variety of eras, to keep everybody interested. Photo booths and other unique ideas will also be a hit, so try to think of unique ways to keep your little ones happy, and you’ll be glad that you did on the day.

3. Bring them along

Whether you’re going to try on your dress for the final time, or you’re trying out some cakes and deciding which ones you’re interested in, bring your kids along for the ride. If they feel like they’re taking a backseat in the wedding, they will be more reluctant to join in when you actually tie the knot, and you ideally want them to be relaxed as possible when the day comes around. It’s also good to know whether you have enough food on offer that they like in advance, as you don’t want to find out that your hungry kids have rejected all of the sushi, and the other fancy foods. Think about them, and include them, during the planning stages.

So, if you want to include your kids in your wedding, try out these three simple tips. Enjoy your wedding day, and make sure that your children enjoy it, too!

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