With the soaring prices of wedding cakes from speciality bakeshops, more couples are turning to less traditional ways to secure their perfect cake on a reasonable budget. One option that many are using is ordering from a grocery store bakery. These cakes boast a consistently tender and moist texture, and many bakery employees have decorating skills beyond the ones they display for their stores’ standard cakes. With locations across the Eastern and Continental United States, Costco wedding cakes are a reliable choice for couples seeking a beautiful and affordable confection for their guests.


Costco wedding cake


How to Order

The best ways to order a custom celebration cake from Costco is over the phone or in person. While Costco stores do deliver, it is best to place your order 72 hours in advance. Holidays tend to be one of the busiest days for the bakery so it would be best if you could think about an order earlier than 3 days before the event. Some of the bakeries are even closed on holidays, so you should think in advance about the delivery or pick-up plans you might have.

For a custom Costco wedding cake, it is best to order at least a few weeks in advance to allow the bakery sufficient time to prepare. During the busiest seasons for weddings, try to place your order even further ahead as some bakeries may only be able to accept a set number of custom orders. Costco wedding cakes are, in general, very affordable so you can be sure that you will find something to suit your needs and budget.

While orders can be made over the phone, highly customized cakes should be ordered in person. Bring a photograph or a sketch of the design you are looking for. If you want text or a message on your cake, be sure to give the baker a legible copy of the text. Keeping things clear will eliminate misunderstandings and ensure that you receive the cake that you want.

What to Consider

When choosing a cake, couples should consider different options for serving their guests. While the traditional wedding cake may be a large layer cake cut into enough pieces for each guest, there are other ways to serve dessert that may be more affordable or space efficient for smaller venues.

Some couples choose to order a small specialty cake with elaborate décor or special flavors. This is the cake they can cut together and display at their reception. The cake served to guests can be pieces of large sheet cakes that are kept and served out of a kitchen or back service room at the venue.

Cupcakes or other desserts can also be served to guests instead of cake. Costco offers cupcakes that can be ordered along with a small specialty cake. Individual desserts eliminate the need for messy serving and display beautifully on stands or tiers.

Design Ideas

While Costco wedding cakes can be as beautiful as a cake from a specialty bakeshop, couples should keep in mind that the capacity of Costco bakeries to execute complicated sculpture cakes may be limited. Consider these ideas for flawless buttercream designs that Costco bakers can successfully complete.

  • Buttercream flowers are a stunning display of dessert artistry that are delicious to eat.Pairing textured buttercream with fresh flowers. You may need to provide the organic flowers for the bakery.
  • Old school elaborate piping designs offer beautiful choice for a more classic look.
  • A simple sleek or textured buttercream layer cake can make an effective design statement with the right topper.

Grocery bakery wedding cakes are proving to go beyond their reputation as talented bakers execute beautiful and reliably delicious cakes in a number of styles. For couples looking to keep their wedding within a reasonable budget, Costco wedding cakes may be the answer. Not only is the budget reasonable for every to-be couple, but the designs and conditions are good for any buyer. Costco is definitely one of those places which can make you feel like home and can delight you with the most delicious sweets.


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