We all have guilty pleasures don’t we.  Those people you are attracted to that you probably shouldn’t admit to.  Maybe they are weird, perhaps slightly embarrassing, too old for you, too young for you, or they could potentially make you a social outcast due to how uncool they are.

When we become mums are outlook on the world changes, as does the people we come into contact with.  We can find ourselves fantasising over people who were not even on our radar before.  Move over Brad, there’s some new men in town.


Guilty Pleasures


1 Tom Fletcher

You know the dude from Mcfly and now McBusted.  The one you never looked twice at until he sang that speech at his weeding and made you cry.  After that you thought he was a nice guy. But then he had to go and have a child of his own and release ridiculously cute and adorable videos of himself with his baby boy.  Now? Your womb literally aches when you look at him.  Or is it just me?

Tom Fletcher

Image (c)Tom Fletcher – You Tube


2 Harry Styles

I knew who he was, but hadn’t really paid him much attention.  But then!  The big one became obsessed with One Direction (because they are really cool and there’s no girls).  We set him up a little playlist of their videos and him and the little one can often be found dancing like loons in the living room to “best song ever”.  And Me?  Well, all I can say is that I have been brainwashed by being subjected to too much Harry Styles and um well you know, he’s kind of cute.  If I was 14 years old my bedroom would have been a shrine to Zayn.  I draw the line at Niall though.  I mean it’s bad enough that I am old* enough to be their uber cool young and trendy mother, but Niall actually looks about 12.

*Old enough in a scandalous teenage pregnancy kind of way!

One direction

Image (c)onedirectionmusic.com


3 Cbeebies Presenters

We have to get our kicks somewhere right?  Now I know Cbeebies intend to be educational and informative for the small people, but let’s face it, for the grown ups?  It’s mind-numbingly boring. Especially when we are watching the same episode of Charlie & Lola for the 27th time and being subjected to Topsy & Tim’s smug face mummy.  Not to mention those programs such as The Night Garden and Abney and Teal which make you feel like you’re on an acid trip when watching them.  It’s no wonder that our minds wonder!  It’s no surprise that we look for something to keep us entertained.  And that entertainment comes in the form of the Cbeebies presenters.  We may even have a little game of shag, marry or avoid to keep us amused.  Dr Ranj, DIY Derek and Mr Tumble. Go!

Andy Cbeebies

Image (c)BBC


4 Phillip Schofield

I have two confessions to make.  Firstly Phillip Schofield was the first ever poster that adorned my bedroom wall.  Yep.  Secondly, I occasionally watch This Morning.  Especially after a heavy night of teething.  And you know what, the silver fox has a glint in his eye and yes, I would.  That was three confessions wasn’t it.  Don’t judge me.  Admit it, you would too.

Silver Fox

Image (c) Phillip Schofield Official


5 Dr Ranj

I blame this one on brainwashing too.  It’s the eyebrows.  I can’t stop staring at the eyebrows.  I think it hypnotises me into a trance where Dr Ranj is my husband and we sing songs about going for poos and athletes foot.  I know there’s a lot of Mum love out there for Mr Bloom, but seriously ladies, google some images of Dr Ranj and your hearts will be racing so much you might need a visit from the man himself!  Well after all, “the doctor will tell you what is good for you”.

Hello Doctor

Image (c) All the lovely images available on google!


Who is your guilty pleasure?  Are you brave enough to own up?! Although if it’s Mr Tumble or Jeremy Kyle I suggest you keep those skeletons in the cupboard, lock the door and throw away the key!



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Claire Kirby

61 Comments on Guilty Pleasures – The Mummy Edition

  1. Haha – I remember this post! I still haven’t come around on the CBeebies presenters thing! Though I will allow Dr Ranj as acceptable. Certainly not Mr Bloom, however! #fridayfrolics

  2. I have so many guilty pleasures. My husband is 13 years older than me and I think my ‘type’ may be older men. With you on Schofield!! Recently I’ve been watching Lie to Me on Netflix and I love Tim Roth on that. My sister was horrified when I told her!! #FridayFrolics

  3. Hands off Tom Fletcher he is mine, he just doesn’t know it yet.I also LOVE Phillip Schofield too *swoons at the silver fox*. I also (and I shouldn’t admit this) fancy Chris Evans. I know! And I love James Cordon. Oh the shame I am off to hide under a stone now 🙂 #FridayFrolics

  4. Haha!! A brilliant list!!!!! I loathe one direction, in all their ‘we are too cool for school even though our music is shite’ ness! Buuuuut, Harry, Zayn, and Louis are really hot!! Definitely not Niall, and the other one whose name I can never remember!! Mr Bloom… Oh yes, I’d definitely let him show me his cabbages! I know what you mean about becoming a mum and your outlook on everything changing-I suddenly started lusting over every hot guy that was on anything I was watching, when I became a mum!! But I don’t think any of my main ones are too embarrassing! Lots of people don’t get Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead,) but I wouldn’t say no! Otherwise there’s Ian Somerholder, Gabriel Macht, Ben Bass, Dominic West, the list goes on…!

  5. I’ll give you Phillip Schofield. I actually had his annual 1991 or something like that, back in his Joseph days!! As does the others hmmm. #fridayfrolics

  6. You had me at Harry hotty! The others I don’t get quite so much being an Aussie. Weird when they start being kid show hosts that we’re having a cheeky perv at. #FridayFrolics

  7. Ok here goes… James Cordon, Peter Kay and Jason Manford. What can I say – I love a man who makes me laugh!! Love this Claire – made me howl. #Fridayfrolics

  8. Ha ha! Great post. 🙂 The original Mr Grey – Philip Schofield! He’s hotter now he’s the silver fox rather than the fresh faced broom cupboard guy. Other weird crush is Hugh Laurie in the TV show ‘House’, but only when he’s in character. I like a bad boy! #FridayFrolics

  9. Ha this made me giggle. My favourite 1D boy (yes they are boys, not men!) is Louis. And I didn’t get it on Dr Ranj, but those photos could make me change my mind! Becky x #FridayFrolics

  10. Saw Dr Ranj few weeks ago in a CBeebies Day Out here and he is such a cutie! #TwinklyTuesday

  11. Okay first, DAMMIT woman I’ve written something sort of similar, all finished and imaged and all to publish next week.

    Second, “your womb literally aches” OMG I laughed

    Third Mr Schofield. Yep same here. Guilty as charged.

    Fourth yes we Indians are obsessed, OBSESSED with our eyebrows.

    Love it.


  12. Totally Mr Bloom, its the eyes, you could lose yourself in them. I think I’d sell one of the children for an hour on my own with him. I’ve never been into the One Direction boys, the youngsters freak me out, but I’d take Schofie! I also have a disturbing obsession with David Bowie. #fridayfrolics

  13. Yes, you’re definitely forced to look at me you would never have dreamed if looking at when you have children! I think it’s some kind of warped coping mechanism for having to out up with kids TV! Me Bloom for me!!!

  14. Haha! I hate One Direction, but I admit that, if I was 14, would also probably have a shrine to Zayn! I don’t get the thing with CBeebies presenters! I’m not sure who mine would be. James Cordon? But I maintain liking James Cordon is perfectly normal & acceptable! Dylan Moran!

  15. Love it! I’m Australian, so most of those names are a mystery to me – although thanks to your pics I have to agree about Dr Ranj’s eyebrows. Hubba hubba, whoever you are! My guilty pleasure (kids entertainment-wise) has always been Anthony the Blue Wiggle… although he’s turned a bit weird since the original Wiggles lineup and I can’t say it’s true love anymore. Sigh.
    Enjoying my first ever #FridayFrolics linky – you guys are hilarious!

  16. Out of that list I can honestly say that only Dr Ranj does it for me 🙂 I have to agree with Becky too – Paul Hollywood – it’s the eyes!! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout

  17. Yes to the silver fox and Dr. Ranj hehe, they are both guilty pleasures, I’m also partial to a bit of Paul Hollywood too hehe 🙂 Great post.


  18. This is so funny, although I have to admit that Philip Schofield has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine! So in his place, I’d have to put Curtis Angus from Milkshake. Seriously. Google images 🙂 #twinklytuesdays

  19. Ok so I may be weird but Tom Fletcher has been on my radar for ages. But my OH reckons I’m obsessed ha. Him and his wife tbh! Lol. Also, Harry Styles is a big no-no to me. I do think Niall is lovely though – possibly the down to earth humble Irish thing. And he can actually play an instrument and write music.

    And I’ve had a crush on Schofe since I was about 5 (slight exaggeration) haha.

  20. I love this and agree with you on Philip Schofield, he even follows me on my personal twitter account, that really made my day. I love George Clooney, but everyone knows that I do not keep it a secret and Ewan McGregor and I could listen to Sean Connery’s voice forever x

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