Small people are not shy in coming forward when it comes to making their feelings clear about a wrong that needs to be righted.  Childhood injustices are often communicated through the art of feet stamping, arm pounding and very loud screaming, other wise known as a tantrum.

As communication skills develop any breach of childhood rights is normally accompanied by a very disgruntled “It’s not fair”.  More aggravated cases have been known to illicit, “This is the worst day ever” and other such variations including, “You don’t love me” and, “I hate you” These are often followed by a door slam and the mother of all sulks.


childhood injustices


So far in my six years of being a parent I have witnessed and if truth be told, quite often been the route cause of many childhood injustices.  These great travesties of human rights occur on a daily basis.


31 Childhood Injustices



Having to go to bed when it’s still daylight.  – The plight of all children in the summer months.


Carrots touching the peas on the plate


Peas being on the plate in the first place


Having to put all the toys away


Having to wear clothes


Being told to wear a coat ‘normally’ as opposed to like a superhero cape


Having to wear a coat in the first place


Waiting your turn at anything




Not having control over the TV schedule


Not having control over the weather


Letting go of your balloon and not being able to get it back – despite numerous warnings to hold on tight.


When your balloon pops


Loosing your favourite toy




When Mummy says it will end in tears and it ends in tears (and sometimes a trip to hospital)


Not being allowed to play with remote controls, phones or hoovers


Not being allowed to walk to school alone (when you are 5)


Your best friend calling you a poo poo head


Someone else calling your best friend a poo poo head

Twenty one

When somebody says something you really really like is rubbish

Twenty two

When you drop your ice cream

Twenty three

When you have to use a public toilet with hand-driers

Twenty four

When you didn’t see that dustbin you were running straight towards

Twenty five

When Mummy couldn’t stop laughing about the dustbin collision

Twenty six

When you asked for chicken nuggets and got given chicken nuggets but you meant fish fingers

Twenty seven

When somebody smiles at you when you are in a bad mood

Twenty eight

When you lose the fight with the top you are trying to put on

Twenty nine

That wellies are not always appropriate footwear


When it’s time to get in the bath

Thirty one

When it’s time to get out of the bath


What childhood injustices would you add to the list?

Tears and Tantrums


This post is sponsored by Firths The Compensation Lawyers who handle the more serious and complex injustices of the world such as personal injuries, rather than these childhood injustices.


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Claire Kirby

30 Comments on 31 Childhood Injustices (aka reasons for tantrums)

  1. Hahaha, was discussing this very issue with a friend today. My favourite c/o her 17 month old son: that he couldn’t hold the hole in a toy. So funny!

  2. When we have to get dressed. When we have to get undressed. When its time to sleep. When its time yo wake up. When we want to play with the Baby and he doesn’t want to play, when we don’t and he does…… the list is endless!!!!

  3. This is fantastic. When you really think about it – kids have a lot of issues! What’s the deal with hand dryers anyway? Mine also hate them. Going to bed in the summer is a nightmare as the kids are convinced I’m putting them to sleep in the afternoon. Every year is the same carry-on. Shopping is also very difficult. I agree with all points made lol #FridayFrolics x

  4. Haha all the joys to come. At the moment my toddler is suffering the injustices of:
    A. Having to sit in the high chair to eat. Then being taken out of the high chair.
    B. Not being allowed to look at a book while attempting to walk down the stairs backwards.

  5. Love it! Piglet suffered a great injustice today when he placed all his toy cars and trains (of which there are many) on the sofa in a long chain, but they failed to stick together and move along joined together like a train with many carriages.

  6. You cant argue with them. I hate it when someone calls me a poo poo head too. We are regularly outraged by the bath. it is unreasonable for us to expect the Hulk to wash. It is equally unreasonable to expect him to vacate the bath once he’s in! love this post. xxxx #fridayfrolics

  7. I often feel I speak a different language to my kids, they don’t know how important things are to me and I don’t understand their whims. Good job they’re adorable. However I don’t know why they keep trying with me, I’m not so adorable.

  8. Oh those blasted hand driers! Bane of my life. Even worse when you say loud enough for everyone in the place to hear “Of course I won’t turn on the hand drier pet. I know how much you hate them” and some bad bean does it anyway.

    Another one in our house is mentioned in my post “I love you even” – when jelly has to set. Rookie mistake not buying the pre-made jelly!

    Can relate to pretty much everything on the list. Thanks for the chuckles.

  9. This is hilarious and although my little boy is three he’s already having full on diva strops about really stupid things, I’m talking ‘WAAAAAHHHH mummy it’s raining,
    WAAAAHHHHHH’ and you want me to do exactly what son? I can do a lot but a magic stop the rain dance is not one of my talents. Oh and the hand driers the dreaded bloody hand driers, ‘Don’t do the hand drier mummmmmmmyyyyy!’ #FridayFrolics

  10. I certainly know this (as you already know as I know you read this week’s blog!) Kids are insane. Today’s injustice, ‘WHY can’t Mummy make me yoghurt with her bare hands???” My husband is in charge of 400 people, and he says he has never had to deal with anyone as unreasonable as our daughter! #fridayfrolics xx

  11. Ha ha! The hand dryer is brilliant. I’m such a wuss that I use toilet roll to dry my hands when I’m with my twins. Although they’ve never encountered a hand dryer, I KNOW it won’t be a happy occassion when they finally meet. (Will they be telling a therapist this later?!?)

  12. Kids are great eh? 😉

    We have meltdowns over hand dryers too. And hair cuts. And nails being trimmed. And not having any George Pig pyjamas to wear (in the day too!) because they are all in the wash and he refuses to wear any others. Oh and teeth brushing. I can’t tell you what a battle that is!

    Visiting from your linky #FridayFrolics. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  13. Haha, I would also add being told being told that you can’t sleep in bed in your princess dress and wellies and also being told not to put lego in daddy’s speakers for his surround sound #fridayfrolics

  14. My little one is only 17 months old but we’ve already racked up a few of these!
    I would add – not being allowed to play with the hot tap, not being allowed to bang mummy’s expensive jar of eye cream on the floor and being required to wear sun cream. All massively unfair, obviously.

  15. I have to say I find it tough when someone gets in the way of me having a superhero moment. My son’s main injustice has always been the fact he has to sleep ever. He is also currently very upset about the fact that the dishwasher has to be used for practical purposes and yoghurt is not a complete food.

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