I was the girl who played with dolls and still has her favourite doll Amy.  I was the girl who made my little brother pretend to be a baby when we played.  I wanted to be a nurse, a hairdresser, a teacher and a lawyer, but above all else I wanted to be a Mum.  For a long time I wanted to have Jason Donovan’s children, but that didn’t work out. 

I think I was born broody.  And despite having two boys and being completely happy with the decision to stop there, I still get broody.  So here are my “signs you are broody”…

signs you are broody.


1 You can’t stop staring at babies

Even whilst at dinner with your husband you find you have been paying no attention to what he has been saying because you can’t stop watching the family with the tiny newborn.  In fact you are staring so much it’s becoming awkward, and since the Mother of the newborn is considering a restraining order you really need to reign in the urge to ask her (the complete stranger) if you can hold her baby.

2 You smile at every pregnant woman you see

Those pregnant woman look over their shoulders to see you you are grinning at and when they realise it is them, smile nervously back before making a swift exit.  You should probably stop hanging out at NCT classes.

3 You feel phantom kicks in your tummy

Although the bump there now is far more likely to be holding cake than new life.

4 You develop sympathetic symptoms

You stand behind a new mum in the supermarket checkout and before you know it find yourself sympathetically rocking with her.  Of curse she has a baby in her arms so looks normal.  You on the other hand…

5 Your boobs hurt  

The sound of a crying newborn makes your boons hurt.  Despite the fact that you haven’t breast fed for years you are concerned you might start lactating.

6 Baby clothes make your vice go all high pitched

“Look at the cute little onesie”  You have absolutely no reason to be in Mothercare.

7 You enjoy a bit Facebook stalking

You are not stalking your ex, or the mean girl from school.  Instead you are facebook stalking any friend with an imminent or new arrival just to get your baby fix.  

8 One Born Every Minute is the highlight of your week

Forget chick flicks.  You settle down with a bar of chocolate and a box of tissues and watch women moo like cows.   

9 Your husband agrees to get a pet

He’s seen the signs.  He’s been here before.  Twice.  And he’s not going there again.  So in an effort to silence your weeping ovaries he takes you to the pet store. 


Do you show any of these signs you are broody?  Does the feeling ever go away? 

I know I am done having babies.  But my womb still flips out at me every now and then.  Every time the boys celebrate another birthday I get that pang.  I miss those newborn days.  And with my youngest starting school in September those feelings are amplified. 

That’s probably why I’ve managed to convince the husband that we should have another baby.

A furry one.

Watch this space!


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Claire Kirby

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  1. I think I’ve resigned to the fact that I will always be broody! You basically just described me every single day 😉 And the puppy thing – aaargh I can’t get it out of my head – will watch with interest to see how you get on! Thanks for linking to #Coolmumclub

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