If we all obeyed these few simple facebook rules, then I’m sure we can get along fine.

Social media is such a powerful tool and can be used for great things.  There have been some amazing awareness campaigns in recent years.  The Ice Bucket Challenge is the first to spring to mind, raising awareness for motor neuron disease.  In October my news feed was lit up with candles and my eyes were filled with tears as I read about the Wave of Light campaign and stories of baby loss.  Then of course there was the huge #metoo hashtag where women shared their stories of sexual abuse and harassment. There is something very comforting in a group of people coming together in support, even in a virtual wold.

That being said when platforms such as facebook get into the wrong hands it makes me question how people actually get through life with normal functioning relationships.

There should be rules when you sign up to facebook.  A list of things you should agree not to do, because quite frankly if you do them, you look like a dick.


10 Simple Facebook Rules:

10 Simple Facebook Rules

1 Don’t Confuse facebook and Google

Asking people for recommendations is one thing, but asking what time your local Tesco’s closes is just dumb.  The person that answers is only going to google it any way, making them your very own virtual assistant more fool them.  


2 Don’t Drunk Facebook

You’ll only regret it in the morning, because chances are you have:

a) Come Across a bit needy

b) Said something you will really regret

c) Made some unforgivable grammatical errors


3 Don’t share things you don’t know to be fact

This one is a personal bug bear of mine.  How many intelligent friends just share random photos of someones picture with a ‘don’t trust this person’ and a story of what this person has allegedly done.  Firstly you have no way of knowing if this is true.  It could be an entirely fabricated story from a scorned ex-lover.  It could be true.  But if it is I don’t like encouraging vigilante action. 

This actually happened to a blogger I know, Fran.  Her husband was walking their dog when the dog got into a bit of an argument with another dog.  In reality the dogs were separated, an apology was given and that should have been the end of the story.  24 hours later her husbands face was plastered over facebook and was painted as an irresponsible and dangerous dog owner, putting it mildly.  The comments on the post were sickening.  Please people, think before you share.  Read Fran’s story The day we were shamed on the internet.


4 Don’t Be An Attention Seeker

You know the kind of status updates I mean.  “Best Day ever!”  or “I am so angry right now”  Either share or don’t share.  Don’t do that weird i’ll tell you half of something and leave you hanging.  I’m nosy.  I wan’t to know what’s going on.


5 Don’t moan about first day back / pumpkin / school report photos

I actively avoid the news these days because it makes me so sad.  I love facebook as an escape.  As something to make me smile.  Of course people want to share pictures of their kids first day back at school.  It took me 3 hours to carve that pumpkin, damn right I am going to share it.  And in a world where parents are constantly judged and told they are doing it wrong, why shouldn’t we shout it from the rooftops that our kids are doing well.  Just be happy that people are sharing happy pictures with their family and friends.  Besides I don’t moan when you post gym pics or food pics.


6 Don’t check into hospital without an explanation

Especially when you then go radio silent.  I mean come on, are you OK?  Are you dead?


7 Don’t be racist / sexist / homophobic

It makes me question why we are friends and more than likely we won’t be for much longer.


8 Don’t publicly announce that you are having a cull

You know the kind I mean.  “Having a facebook cull.  If I see you on the other side you are one of the lucky ones”  Go back to the playground.  


9 Don’t put LOL after everything.

You’re not that funny.


10 Don’t be a troll

People come in all shapes and sizes with a range of opinions and views on life.  Intelligent debate is welcome.  Just don’t be the dick that is offended by everything anyone has to say.  Don’t be the dick that leaves personal nasty comments.  There’s a thing called scroll.  Just scroll on by and get on with your life.


So there you have it.  The facebook rules.  Otherwise known as: Don’t be a dick.

Would you add any rules to the list?


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There should be rules to follow when you are on social media. Guidelines and etiquette to follow, so that everyone plays nice. Follow these simple facebook rules to ensure you keep all your friends! Do you have any to add? #humour





Claire Kirby

3 Comments on 10 Simple Facebook Rules – Don’t Be a Dick

  1. #3 Yes….Yes….and more Yes.

    It drive me absolutely insane when people share something from “www.totallyfakewebsiteyouidiot.com” and try to pass it off as fact. It’s astonishing to me that Facebook had to personally step in and change their algorithm because people don’t ever check the source of their information. #10 is also important though. I just called out a troll the other day who was being a dick….just to be a dick.

  2. It all seems like it should be so simple, doesn’t it? I don’t understand how people act so different when they are sitting at a keyboard than when they are right in front of you #fridayfrolics

  3. Number 1 is so true… ‘does anyone know what time the Co-op opens / the bus comes to my stop / when the next series of Victoria starts’? YES – THE INTERNET! They could have Googled it in the time it took to write the post! I also really hate those ‘these people will get pregnant/married/a haircut in 2018’ type posts followed by the 20 most popular girls names… #FridayFrolics

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