It can be really daunting as a new mum to take your child to a baby or toddler group.  Not to mention the huge achievement of actually getting out of the house for a specific time. But finding a class in your local area can be really beneficial to you and your child.  And if you are worried about having to sing in public or generally do embarrassing things, just remember every mum there is feeling the same.  And babies aren’t anywhere near as embarrassing as 4 year olds who ask “where’s your willy gone mummy” in the public bathrooms.

So here it is… The 10 reasons you should go to a baby group. 


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1 Someone else does the entertaining.

Now whilst we would pretty much do anything to make our kids giggle, it can be pretty exhausting entertaining small people.  especially after the 10th round of row row row your boat.  My son once went through a hokey-cokey obsession.  I lost 4lbs that week!  Take them to a class for an hour and let someone else do all the hard work!


2 You meet other mums.

Mummy friends will become essential in your life, for advice, for baby wipes, and for wine. Baby classes are a great way to meet other mums, and much easier than hanging out in the baby aisle of the supermarket waiting for someone who looks approachable.


3 You realise your kid isn’t weird.

Seeing loads of kids of a similar age together is a great way to put your mind at ease and realise that you don’t need to worry that your kid keeps stuffing cheerios up their nose or likes to strip off in public.  They’re all doing it!


4 Someone else clears up the mess.

No further explanation required, but if you need any more convincing see point number six.


5 The kids get worn out.

All that jumping around and stimulation means guaranteed nap and hot cup of tea for you. Just don’t let them fall asleep in the car on the way home!

Tappy Toes

6 The kids are not at home emptying the cupboards…

or trying to eat the dogs biscuits, or climb the bookcase.  Or generally making mess for you to clean up.   Baby groups can still be chaos with all those children, but it’s organised chaos!


7 It’s good for everyone!

Jumping around with other children is good for their development in so many ways, from physical to social.  And you might just learn a few new songs to add to your nursery rhyme repertoire.


8 Gossip.

Missing the office gossip?  Head to a baby group.  If there’s a group of females, there’s going to be gossiping!


9 Staying at home can be lonely.

Being at home all day can be isolating and lead you to feeling lonely.  As much as you love your little one, we all need some adult conversation too.  Talking to someone in more than two-word sentences that don’t involve the words ‘poo’ or ‘cat’ are always on offer at baby classes.


10 You can treat yourself.

Passing the shops on the way home?  Well you are out anyway.  How about a magazine and some chocolate to go with that hot cup of tea?

Tappy Toes


This post is sponsored by Tappy Toes who provide movement and dance classes for toddlers.  Visit their website to find a class near you and read more about the founder of Tappy Toes.

Tappy Toes Toddler classes 

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  1. Great post! There’s a real sense of achievement in having made it to a group, however late you turn up! The first one I tried was really scary but I’ve since found much better ones.

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