When I first started blogging, I had no idea what SEO meant.  But I quickly learnt the it was important for traffic and domain authority.  I read lots about the subjects and picked up lots of SEO tips for ensuring I could get the best from my posts.  Today my biggest referrer always comes from search engine results.  

These are my top 10 SEO tips for your blog.

SEO tips for your blog


1 Use the right key words

Your focus keyword needs to be relevant to your post, but it also needs to be competitive.  For example ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ may have your keywords, but there are going to be a lot of matches on google for that search.  You need to make your focus keywords targeted.  ‘Christmas gift ideas for boys under £20’ would be a better focus keyword.  Think as unique as possible, but not so much out of the box that people would never search for that term!  I never said SEO was easy.  There are lots of great key word planner sites online.  Find the one that works for you.


2 Use internal links within your post

Internal back links improve your keyword ranking, help google to crawl your site, and hopefully keep your readers sticking around to read more.  Just make sure the anchor text follows the rules below.


3 Use Alt tags on your images

They provide google with information about the subject matter of the image, so they will show in relevant searches. Whilst it is important to use your keywords in alt tags, overuse can be seen as spam by google.


4 Use Heading Tags

Google likes posts that are broken down with sub headings rather then one long piece of text.  It also looks more visually appealing to the reader than a large block of text.  You can make your headings H tags by highlighting them and selecting from the paragraph drop down menu.  H tags can also be customised to your desired font and size.  I customise mine with the google fonts plugin.  Even if you are not writing a list style post you can still use heading tags.  Read an example here in my post Fortnite.


5 Ensure your post is a good length

This can be a tricky one.  Longer posts usually rank better and posts should be at least 300 words.  But when you are writing a long post you need to keep it engaging and keep your reader interested so they come back for more.


6 Use your categories and tags

These provide google with more information and should typically represent a keyword a user would search for in relation to your post.  The easiest way to differentiate between categories and tags is to think of categories as a contents page and tags as an index.


7 Don’t forget the Meta description

The meta tag describes your page to search engines.  It’s the bit that shows up underneath the heading link when you search on google.  What you put in the meta description is a really powerful tool to engage readers and draw them in.  You want to encourage them to click, so think of it as a mini advertisement and remember to use your keywords.


8 Use Anchor Text Correctly

This is the text that you apply a link to.  The anchor text should be relevant to the link.  So ‘click here‘ isn’t a big hit with google!  It’s also better not to be too exact all of time as this then looks spammy.  So if you are linking a post called ‘how to potty train in three days’ you could link it to the sentence, ‘Check out my great tips on potty training‘ using ‘potty training’ as the anchor text.  So relevant, but not exact.  Clear as mud?!


9 Fix your broken links

Search engines don’t like broken links and it is really important to keep on top of any broken links on your site.  There are plugins that will detect these for you, but get in the habit of fixing them every month, so it doesn’t become a monumental task.


10 Use an SEO plugin

If you are using WordPress as your blogging plat from plugins such as Yoast break down SEO into a simple traffic light formula.  It basically gives you all of the SEO tips!   You can make sure you get the green light for SEO on all of your posts by ticking all of the check boxes.


Hope these SEO tips help.  You can get a free SEO anaylis of your site from click.co.uk.  Now go forth and #SEOYOURBLOG



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