I have been blogging for six years now. It started as a hobby, but pretty soon I started to earn a bit of money. My youngest has just started year 2, when he first started school I gave myself a year to see if I could earn enough to effectively be a second salary.

By the end of his first year I achieved this goal, and have consistently done so ever since. I work around 20 hours a week, I get to work flexibly around the kids, and earn more than I could with a rigid part time job.

My blog and social media attracts a a small to medium following. Over the years I have built a good domain authority. Here is what I have learnt about how to increase your blog earnings in the competitive world of blogging and influencers.

increase your blog earnings

Know your worth

Please say no to the people offering you £5. It’s insulting. If you want to increase your earnings, start by saying no to stupid offers. I get a limited amount of time to work, so in that time I need to work smarter. So I am not going to do 20 jobs for £5, when I can do one for £100.

Set minimums

If you haven’t done a rate card do one. Offer silver, gold and platinum packages for clients to choose from. Whilst I am always open to negotiations with my pricing, I have set minimum prices that I will not go beneath, and I am happy to walk away from a job if a client is not prepared to meet my minimum price. I have had several contacts come back to me after saying no, with a different job from another client and the budget to meet my requirements.

Be professional

Maybe it goes without saying, but turning around quality work and meeting deadlines is vital. If the client doesn’t give you a deadline go back and tell them when you will have the work completed by and manage their expectations. Communication is always key. If there’s a problem with something you have been sent, let the client know. If something comes up and you can’t meet the deadline, let the client know.

A good percentage of my work comes from repeat business with clients. If you aren’t professional, they aren’t going to come back. It’s a competitive industry and a client can easily move onto the next blogger.

Contact sharing

There are contact sharing groups on facebook. Alternatively set up your own contact sharing circle with bloggers you know and trust. Most clients will be happy for you to share their details when you ask, as it’s less work for them! It’s a great way to get work in quiet months, and equally help others when they might be having a quiet time.

increase your blog earnings

Here are some great tips from other bloggers for how to increase your blog earnings…

Try new things:

Diversify. Don’t count on just one revenue stream so look into ads, affiliates, sponsored posts etc. Read more of Fran’s tips here. Whinge Whinge Wine.

As a blogger chances aren’t you’re already pretty good at writing. Why not use that skill to write blog posts for other websites and get paid for it? I’ve got a post on that here: https://www.theworklifeblend.com/get-paid-to-write/

I started off blogging at Mom Of Two Little Girls I still blog, but I branched out to offer freelance training to others on the aspects of blogging that I took a particular interest in and grew my expertise. Now I offer coaching, SEO training, and Pinterest training not only to other bloggers but small businesses. I even wrote a book about how to get started on Pinterest the right way. My advice would be if you are good in a certain area, consider teaching others for a fee, or write a book. https://bluemediaedit.com/shop/how-to-use-pinterest-ebook/

Build on what you have:

Work on increasing your DA and traffic. Lots of clients look at how much they are willing to spend based on your DA and traffic so I would say if you want to earn more, you have to work on increasing your DA and monthly traffic. You can do this by spending time making sure your SEO is in tip top form, that you have plenty of good quality back links to your site, and that you are generating useful/funny/informative content that people will want to read and engage with. Motherhood: The Real Deal

Create a media kit pulling together and showcasing all the important information about you, your reach and your readers in one or two pages. Include examples of brands you have worked with in the past, testimonials and ways brands and companies can work with you – it will make you appear more professional and increase your chances of being selected for a job. Crummy Mummy

Stay authentic and true to yourself in your work and writing. You will attract genuine followers and readers who enjoy your content. And in that space, you naturally generate more traffic and interest from brands in working with you. Cuddle Fairy

I hope you find these tips for how to increase your blog earnings useful Let me know in the comments if you have anymore.

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