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I love a list.  In fact I could write a list of lists!  I am that person who writes something on a to-do list I have already done, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off.  Lists make me happy, they make me feel like I am in control.  Without them I would forget everything. Mumnesia is totally real.

This months blog geek tips is all about the list.  More precisely your blogging checklist.  And I have a free printable just for you!


I have two standard checklists for every blog post I write.  One is a post edit checklist and the other a post promotion checklist.  Not everything will be relevant for all posts, and there might be other things that you do, but this is a good place for me to start to ensure I don’t forget anything.

The Post Edit Checklist


  • Create images for all of your social media
  • Set a featured image
  • Ensure all of your alt tags and descriptions are labelled
  • Are the images opitmised?

Back Links

  • Add back links to any relevant posts you have previously written.

Related Posts

  • Encourage your reader to stick around by adding related posts at the end of your post.


  • Do you have two green lights in Yoast?
  • Have you checked your keywords in google keyword planner?

Affiliate Links

  • Are there any relevant affiliate links you could include?

Brand Pitch

  • Is there an opportunity to pitch this post to a brand as a sponsored post?

Opt Ins

  • Could you include any opt ins?

Follow / no follow links

  • Amend any links as necessary


  • Have you included any relevant disclaimers if required.

Final Edit

  • Final proof read and aesthetic check.




The Post Promotion Checklist


  • Contact the brand you worked with for the post if relevant to tell them it is live and send invoice.
  • Add the link for this post to any o your old posts where it might be relevant.


  • Join in with any relevant linkys
  • Take part in comment pods


  • Schedule repeated tweets
  • Tag any brands or networks that me be relevant in the initial tweets


  • Schedule on your page
  • Pin to the top of the page
  • Share in any relevant groups








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I hope you find this post useful.  Let me know if there is a blog geek subject you would like some tips on.


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  1. This post is amazing! I needed a list like this. I never would have thought to pitch an existing post to a brand for a collaboration – great idea thanks x

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