Babies don’t break you into the business of nappy changing easily.  Right from the get go they test your skills with the tar like substance that is meconium, and the gag inducing cord stump. Before long they will unleash poonamis that you will still have nightmares about for years to come.  And just as you become proficient with your nappy changing skills they will learn to roll over and changing a nappy will become a lesson in wrestling a crocodile.


Changing a Nappy


Too add to all of these complications there is the Parenting Sods Law #72: Babies will always poo at the most inconvenient times…


1 The Change Table Poo.  

Those new-born bowels are unpredictable.  No sooner have you cleaned up the last poo, they are doing another.  Normally just after you have removed the dirty nappy, and right before you put the clean one on.  Then you find yourself holding tiny legs in the air whilst you frantically mop as they poop, all the while wondering, a) How does something so tiny produce so much crap, and b) Will I ever look at a Mr Whippy ice cream in the same way again?


2 The Ready To Leave Poo

Congratulations, You have managed to get two children dressed and fed with coats on ready to leave the house.  The bags are packed.  You have dry shampooed your hair and even managed to apply some tinted moisturiser.  You feel positively glamorous.  The morning has been timed with military precision and you are ready to arrive at your destination on time.  You pick the baby up to put them in their car seat and discover the mother of all poonami’s. Supermum status revoked.


3 The Baby Weigh Poo

Baby weigh-in is akin to a New Mummy Test.  You have to get your squirming and often screaming bundle fully undressed and ready to be weighed, under the watchful eye of the Health Visitor.  The same one that your baby weed on last week, and by the look on her face she has not forgotten the incident. You have awful flashbacks to the time when you were five and you were trying to get Abbie* dressed and you accidentally pulled her arm off.  You see the queue of other mums waiting to see the Health Visitor with hungry babies in their arms, and you break out in a cold sweat under the pressure.  As you remove the nappy you discover the baby has produced a poo that you are clearly completely and utterly unprepared for.  Pass me the wipes!

*FYI: Abbie was a dolly.


4 The Bath Poo

At some point it will happen.  There will be a floater in the bath.  It’s one of those parenting mile stones. Deal with it.

greeting cards for parents

greeting cards for parents

by Claire_Kirby



5 The One Time You Forget The Change Bag Poo

It also happens to be the time you are sat in the doctors waiting room for half an hour, avoiding eye contact with the rest of the patients who are slowly suffocating from the toxic fumes your toddler is wafting around.  You then have to take your little stink bomb into the doctor’s room apologising profusely, and deciding which doctors practice you should move to so you never have to show your face in this one again.


6 The Special Occasion Poo

You’ve got yourself already to attend a wedding.  You’ve straightened your hair, have applied makeup, and you’re wearing  a nice dress.  You haven’t been this glammed up since the night you conceived the first child.  Nothing brings you back down to earth quicker than wiping someone else’s butt.



7 The Long Car Journey Poo

It’s 30 miles to the next services, its freezing cold and raining, and the traffic is at a standstill.  Enjoy the confined space.


8 The 10 Minutes Before Daddy Gets Home Poo

You can only stand the smell for five minutes.  Seriously, five more minutes and you would have been home free.


9 The Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t Poo

It’s your first born’s school assembly and you have secured a front row spot with the baby.  The assembly has started and you notice the smell.  Do you…

a) Piss off the audience and ask everyone to mind their toes as you maneuver the pushchair out of the hall and hope you don’t miss your son’s one line.

b) Ignore the foul smell and dirty looks and hope that none of the pupils pass out from the fumes, and that the baby doesn’t take offence to the situation and start screaming.


10) The Visitors Poo

Five minutes before your guest arrives your small person delivers a stinker.  No longer does your house smell of the freshly baked cake you made for the occasion.


Inconvenient poos are made even more stressful when you are away from home and the change facilities are far from adequate.  SudoCrem Care & Protect have launched the Baby Changing Room Awards.  If you nominate the best change facilities in the UK, you could win a short family break at a hotel in Dorset.  You can find out more about the awards and how to nominate here.

SudoCrem Baby Change Awards


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8 Comments on The 10 Most Inconvenient Nappy Changes

  1. Oh I have had all of these they know when to pick their moments don’t they? Love it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. Please note it’s the very last SWM for 2015 and a special edition, year in review so you can link up your favorite four post from this year if you would like and I will return in the New Year ready to read all your amazing blog posts again. #sharewithme

  2. Oh I almost cried remembering how often number 2 used to happen (excuse the pun). Hubster used to be away months at a time when my youngest was little. As if trying to get out the door with 3 younguns wasn’t hard enough, just as we were heading out to meet a classmate of my eldest’s and his mum for a Sunday playdate (yep so desperate for company as a ‘work widow’ I made plans on Sundays, my youngest did such a bad one I had to get everyone back inside and actually bath her. And I’m still traumatised by my eldest’s poonami almost 12 years ago which lasted 10 days. I was putting 2 nappies, 2 bodysuits, 2 of everything on her…no use…awful.
    Never had a number 4 though…ever and I have 3 kids!

  3. Oh the “Oh my god we’ve forgotten the changing bag” poo was fun – we were sat in a pub at the time and my son started doing the poo face! I sent my husband to the car to check for spare nappies…there were none. So he ran around looking for a shop that sold them – it was a tiny village on a sunday teatime so everything was shut!! In the end by some small miracle, the changing room in the pub had a stack of spare nappies – hallelujah!!!!!!!!! The only issue was the nappies were 2 sizes too small, still it was better than him sitting in a poo filled mess so we had to squeeze him in!! #thelist

  4. Yes, had many of these! We get a lot of ready to leave poos. But at least they no longer require full outfit changes (usually)! #sharewithme

  5. I remember some of these lol

    My sons first bath in the hospital he had literally just been placed in the bath by the nurse and he pood.

    My worst bad timed accidents have to be dor me in the first few weeks in the early hours for quickness to change the nappy on the bed instead on the changing table only for my son todo his buisness on the bed resulting in a baby and a bed change. Very grumpy mummy.

    That and visiting family at short notice for little man to have a loose stinky nappy accident all up his back with no change of clothes.

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