It is that magical time of year again.  The excitement is building, as is the stress!  But come mid December you can normally feel the magic in the air.  It’s normally when I’m wrapped up in my winder woollies, running the endless list of errands.  It’s cold and I can see my breath in front of me.  The Christmas lights are twinkling in the darkness and Christmas songs are drifting from the shops.  There is hustle and bustle everywhere, but people have time to make eye contact and smile.  That’s when I feel the magic of Christmas.

A Little Christmas Magic


Of course my days of believing in the big man in red are over, but I wonder if I did what Christmas magic I would love to see.

Imagine coming downstairs and the house magically being decorated.  No need to battle with the tree branches, loose you s@#* with the tangled mess of fairy lights, or redo the bottom branches that the kids ‘helped’ with.  It’s just there.  Done. and looking beautiful.

What if there were elves that visited your house before Christmas and wrapped up all the gifts?  All those hours saved.  The 80 meters of wrapping paper. The 300 meters of ribbon, The three rolls of sellotape.  The 24 times you lost the scissors from under your nose. The hunt for that gift you brought Auntie Mabel and hid somewhere you would never find it again.  And the swearing blind you are only ever buying square presents from now on.  All done for you.

The ultimate magic would be being able to stuff your face with Christmas chocolates, festive drinks, party food, Christmas dinner and turkey sandwiches and not put on a single pound.  No need to face the scales with dread in January, or wonder how the hell you are going to fit into the bridesmaids dress in time for your friend’s Valentines wedding. No lifetime on the hips here.

Of course Christmas magic would also bring world peace, end world hunger, bring health and happiness to all, and make everyone bank balances look healthy, but lets start small!

What would make Christmas magical for you? 


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Wouldn't it be a magical Christmas if the festive food had no calories, and elves gist wrapped all of the presents


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