Now that the heatwave is over and the kids are no longer living in the paddling pool, I’ve been digging into the rainy day activities to keep them amused.

I’m a huge fan of Baker Ross for craft stuff. Mainly because when it comes to crafts I have no idea what I am doing. I’ve had all the gear for years. The googly eyes, coloured lolly sticks, feathers, and pipe cleaners. But I have no idea what to do with them. I’m much better with a craft activity kit. And Baker Ross have hundreds of things to chose from. From magnets and key rings, to bags and money boxes.

This post isn’t sponsored by Baker Ross, I just think it’s one of those sites that all parents should know about and I wish someone had told me sooner. So here’s my Five Under £5 things to keep the kids amused from Baker Ross.

Baker Ross

Ice Cream Sun Catcher Decorations

Simply colour in with Glass or acrylic pens. Baker Ross pack sizes are great. There’s plenty to go around so no fighting. and these are great value, a pack of 10 for £4.95.

Colour-in Fabric Drawstring Bag

Little is Superhero mad at the moment, and Big is really into the Avengers, so I went with Superhero theme in a bid to entertain them both. These draw string bags actually gave me 30 minutes of peace whilst Little coloured his in. I also grabbed a pack of plain fabric pencil cases which Big preferred as he could draw his own design. The pack of 3 drawstring bags were £4.95. There are other designs too.

Colour-in Masks

Baker Ross

I love a craft that’s simple and low mess. little loves to colour in, so these kinds of things are perfect. He sat and coloured these in next to me whilst I was able to grab twenty minutes to answer some work emails. With no child care due to Covid finding things he can do without assistance, so I can work are a life saver. And I feel so much better when we can both be doing our thing together in the same room and without screens involved. This pack of 6 was £2.95.

Colour-in Fuzzy Arts Magnets

Baker Ross

Who doesn’t love fuzzy art?! I remember these from when I was a kid. These Superhero fuzzy arts come with a self adhesive magnetic strip so you can turn your superheroes into magnets. This pack of 12 was £3.95. Baker Ross currently have Halloween themed fuzzy art magnets on sale for £1.99 for a pack of 12. Halloween is only around the corner so I will be grabbing some of these.

Colour-in Bendy Straw Cups

Baker Ross

Each cup comes with a choice of three different pictures, and you get three cups in a pack. These are great to pull out on a play-date. There are lots of different themes, and even plain ones so you can create your own design. A pack of 3 is £4.95.

If you are new to Baker Ross you are about to disappear down a rabbit hole of craft inspiration. Baker Ross are now my go to place to keep my craft cupboard stocked and know that it will actually get used.

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