When I was a little girl my Dad would give some money in August and I would go to ‘Rules OK’ our local stationery shop and kit myself out with a new pencil case and supplies for the new school year. And thus began my stationery addiction.

Big loves Smiggle, and I can see the attraction. As a kid I would have absolutely loved it. However as a parent I do find it quite pricey. I didn’t really think Smiggle bargains were possible. But Smiggle seems to be the place to shop for my son and his friends. They all have the pencil cases and bags and keyrings.

I signed up for the Smiggle newsletter and the other day a Smiggle sale email caught my eye. A chance to get some gifts for Big to be put away until his birthday. And a few presents for the emergency gift cupboard! I set myself a little five under £5 challenge and was really impressed with the bargains I found. It seems I was wrong about being able to get Smiggle bargains.

Smiggle bargains

Smiggle Bargains

Colouring Sets

First up are these mini colouring sets. They contain 5 colouring sheets, 6 mini scented markers, 6 mini pencils, 32 icon stickers and 54 alphabet stickers. I think these packs are great value, even more so when they are in the sale. Normally these are £7 each, but I got them for £4.

They make great gifts. They are also great for meals out with the kids as something to keep them entertained. There’s more than enough in one box that my boys normally share one.

Smiggle bargains

Sketch Books

Big loves the Smiggle sketch books. Normally at £5 I think they are a bit pricey. They also stand to display artwork which gives them a little something extra. If you can pick them up in the sale like I did, they make a great gift with a pack of pens. I got these sketchbooks for £2.50 each.

Smiggle bargains


Father Christmas normally puts the Bon Bon Highlighters in the boy’s stockings. If father Christmas is as savvy as me he would have got them reduced from £3.50 to £1.40.


This is the kind of stationery I would have loved as a kid. These erasers come in a pack of 4 boxes. Inside each box are lots of mini erasers. Seriously, I would have lost my mind over these!

I’ve bought a few packs of these and intend to split them out into party bags, and use them as top up gifts. That way one box of four becomes 4 separate gifts. These were a bargain reduced from £4.50 to £2.50

Smiggle bargains


Finally we have the scented pencils that take me way back to the days of hubba bubba and strawberry lip balm. There’s something about the smell of these pencils!

They come in a pack of 4 and were reduced from £4.50 to £1.39. Again these are something I stock up on when I see them on the sale and split the packs for party bags and gifts.

Smiggle bargains

From now on I will be paying much more attention to my inbox, because there are some great Smiggle bargains to be had. I’ve got into the habit of going to a sale page and sorting from the lowest price. That way I get all the cheap stuff before I get bored of scrolling!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and purchase the item I receive a very small percentage which helps feed my stationery addiction.

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  1. Oh these looks like fantastic little gift ideas for little ones. My daughter would love the little notebook you picked out. It’s her birthday soon, so I have a few ideas now.

  2. My girls and their friends are obsessed with Smiggle. These are great bargains, I’m going to take a look as they would be perfect for their party bags in a few weeks.

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