I’m not in a hurry to venture into the city centre now the shops are open again. I’ve been to a few local shops, some of which I am now actively avoiding because the social distancing was awful. However my local Wilko have been handling things really well. They keep the number of customers in the shop at any one time to a minimum, and I have felt safe in there.

It’s less than a five minute walk from my house and it has been great for picking up essentials such as ibuprofen and shampoo. It has also kept the boys stocked in felt tip pens and some sweet treats. And it’s been great for picking up paint and DIY bits whilst we have been making some improvements to our garden.

Of course whilst there I haven’t been able to resist a bargain, so this months five under £5 is all bits for the garden from Wilko.


1. Plant Pot

These plant pots were available in green, pink and cream. I picked up a green and a pink one. They add a lovely splash of colour to the garden. They are fairly heavy, and with the compost and plants added I think they will withstand winds. The plant pots were £5 each. A lot of garden stuff is being reduced at the moment so you might be able to pick up one cheaper.


2. Plant

Or Osteospermum to be precise. Which I first read as Osteosupermum! The purple centre of the flowers is really bright (I’m sure there is a scientific name for the centre of a flower, but I don’t know it!)

It says they are fairly hardy, so I am hoping I can keep it alive. I am very new to gardening so not willing to spend a fortune on plants when I don’t know what I am doing. This one was only £3. Plants might just be my new favourite thing to buy!


3. Citronella Candle

Mosquitoes love me, so citronella candles are a must in the Summer months when we spend a lot of time in the garden. My last one had just ran out so I picked up this pretty bucket candle for £4


4. Gardening Gloves

We have one very old very manky gardening glove and it is miles too big for me. So I picked up these which happen to match my candle, and fit me much better for just £1.50. The only problem now is I am not using them because I don’t want to get them dirty!

5. Tray

Regular readers will know that I love a tray! I have a cupboard full of them and use them regularly for weekend lunch platters or Lego building! I do try not to buy them, but it’s really hard to resist a bargain price and a pretty pattern. This pretty pattern tray was in the sale for £3. It’s now in my cupboard!

That’s my five under £5 from Wilko. Do you have a favourite shop for finding great bargains?

You can read more in the five under £5 series here.

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