Winter is when most of us enjoy staying warm and cosy indoors, sheltered from the freezing cold and only venturing out when necessary. Britain, like the rest of Europe, has been experiencing some bonechilling winters in the past few years, with the trend expected to continue in the future. While there is nothing you can do to for the icy chill outdoors, you can certainly keep your home cosy.

keep your home cosy

While some homes might use oldfashioned boilers to beat the cold indoors, other homes use contemporary modern radiators to beat the cold. Whether you use stainless steel radiators or any of those few fangled radiators made of other materials, there are some easy ways to ensure your home remains well insulated and warm all through winter.


Ensure the interiors get adequate warmth

Foil insulation can help to keep your home warm and comfortable. Place a sheet of tin foil behind the radiators, which will help to prevent the heat absorbed by the walls. It will help to deflect the heat inwards in the room and helps in heat retention and the radiator heating up quicker. There even is readymade foil insulation available in the market.

keep your home cosy

Clean the radiators

A little bit of care and maintenance goes a long way to save to save on energy costs. If your radiators are not heating up to the top they need cleaning or bleeding. Whilst the water heats, all the warm air travels to the top where it remains trapped. This prevents the radiators from working efficiently. All it takes is a radiator key to open the valve at the top and bleed the radiator. As soon as you open it there will be a hiss of air and a few drops of water. Shut the valve then and you will find an improvement in energy efficiency.  


Servicing is a must

If you want your radiators to work efficiently, regular maintenance is mandatory. Get the radiator serviced on a regular basis so that it remains more energy efficient and saves on utility costs. Remember to only use an accredited and authorised service engineer.

keep your home cosy


Keep an eye out for air-draughts

Surprisingly not many homeowners are aware of draughts entering their homes. If there is any draught in the area it will impact the heating of the room and lead to higher utility bills. If there are any gaps near windows or doors, invest in a draught excluder (insulation tape) will help to remain the warmth within and save on electricity bills too.


Use lagging

Using foam tubes to cover the pipes known as pip-lagging is an effective way to ensure the water within the pipes stays hot for a longer period. This covering on the pipe prevents heat from escaping, thus making heating much more efficient. Installation of pipe lagging is easy and the material is easily available.


These are just a few basic tips that can go a long way to help to lower your energy costs and keep your home cosy and toasty during the winters.


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