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Radiators are bad. Not only do they do a terrible job of heating the home, they’re also expensive and circulate things like dust and mites. Convection radiators have a reputation of circulating nasty stuff in the air due to how they work, and this can cause major health issues for people during winter.

A hot cup of tea is sometimes all you need to stay warm during winter. (Image Credit)


Radiators are terrible at heating your home

To start with, radiators only heat up the area around them. It has to heat up the air and then that air needs to radiate around the room in order to reach if you’re on the other side. This is why many people sit near their radiators during the winter, but this isn’t always the most practical solution and can sometimes be impossible due to how your furniture is arranged. If you’re not in the mood to shuffle furniture around just to make use of your heating, then there are better options such as electric panel heaters. Instead of heating up the air and blowing it around, they directly heat the subject that their infrared rays come in contact with. Essentially, this means that the heater could be on the complete opposite side of the room, yet it still heats your body up just as quickly. It’s far better in terms of efficiency and it just goes to show how terrible radiators actually are.


Radiators take up way too much space

Do you like having an entire wall taken up by an inefficient heating device? Most people don’t. Sure, you can install something like a shelf above your radiator, but just think of how much room you’d save if you could actually remove the radiator and install a better solution instead. Just remember that it’s not only the wall they’re using up, they’re also taking up space next to the wall. Keep in mind that radiators need to circulate the air if you want to feel the heat, which means you’re not going to get much heating from it if you block the radiator with a piece of furniture. This means you’ll need to leave a small gap between the radiator and the next closest thing, and this can be a huge pain for many people.


Radiators just aren’t very efficient

Lastly, we should also mention that radiators aren’t efficient at all. Even if you control your thermostat correctly, radiators take a long time to heat up and they take even longer before they’re able to push the hot air to you. This makes them incredibly inefficient at doing their job and you’d be surprised at how much money they use as opposed to electric solutions or even just holding a hot cup of tea in your hands. There are plenty of ways to stay warm in the winter, but radiators just aren’t the best option considering all of their flaws. Sure, you might not have any other option for this winter, but think about what you could change come next year and you could save money and hassle.

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