Three might still be an early number in the progression of what you hope to be dozens of years with your spouse – but it’s still an anniversary that’s well worth celebration. Every year, you’ve got an opportunity to show your spouse how much you mean to them with a gift that’s sure to blow their socks off. If you’re celebrating your third wedding anniversary, then you’ve got a wide selection of gift options to choose from that come from traditional and modern themes. Below we’ve covered some of the most common ideas, but if you’re finding yourself stuck for something unique, be sure to take a look at UK Gifts for some great gift ideas.

third wedding anniversary

The third year of your life with your partner is usually associated with leather, which celebrates the strength of your marriage, as well as how durable but flexible love can be. Leather is a tough material, but it’s also luxurious and beautiful too!

How to Get Symbolic on Your Third Wedding Anniversary

The third wedding anniversary traditional gift is leather, as we mentioned above. By the time you’ve spent three years married to your spouse, you’re usually well aware of how durable your relationship can be.

You’ve gone through the trials and tribulations of the first few years, and you’re just getting stronger. The third wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate how warm and strong your relationship is. Whether you go for authentic leather or faux leather will depend on your personal preferences. Just remember that faux leather gifts can be just as attractive and meaningful as their counterparts.

The good news is that there are plenty of great leather gift ideas to explore, ranging all the way from customised passport holders, to caps and jackets, or custom satchels and bags. To make a leather gift extra special, it’s always worth looking into the option to get the material customised with a spouse’s initials, or even your shared last name.

third wedding anniversary

If you’re thinking of looking for a more modern gift, then you could choose the alternative gift for the third anniversary – which is crystal. Crystals are dazzling and reflective, highlighting the bright and glimmering nature of your love. A crystal figurine or wine glass might be a great gift idea here.

Other Ways to Celebrate Your Third Wedding Anniversary

If you don’t like the idea of buying leather, and you’re not particularly interested in any crystal jewellery or items for around the home, don’t worry, there are plenty of other symbols to choose from that work with the third wedding anniversary too. For instance, why not look into the third anniversary gemstone – a pearl or jade?

Jade is a beautiful stone that’s often white or green in colour. You can find all kinds of items made with jade depending on where you look, so jewellery isn’t your only option here. You might get a traditional jade elephant, or a small bowl for storing your wedding rings in. The pearl is another great choice for a gift.

You could get your partner a pair of pearl earrings or visit a place where you can pick an oyster and look for a pearl together. Pearls also come in a variety of colours these days, but the most common colour associated with the third wedding anniversary is still white.

For those who always love getting flowers as part of an anniversary gift, the official flower for the third year is fuchsia, which is a bright and beautiful blossom that would fit well in any feminine bouquet. Why not get a crystal vase for your fuchsia bouquet and tie everything together perfectly that way?

third wedding anniversary

Get Creative with your Third Anniversary

The third anniversary is an excellent opportunity to celebrate, and a great year when you’re looking for fun gift ideas. You could go somewhere new to dive for oysters and pick pearls for yourself that you can transform into a stunning piece of jewellery, if you have enough money to spend.

If you feel like doing something a little less extravagant for your third year of marriage, why not buy each other a new pair of leather or leather-style shoes. Once you’ve broken them in, you can go out for a night on the town, complete with dancing to put your footwear to the test.

Another great option could be to put a scrapbook together in a leather book, with tons of pictures from your time together in the last three years, and snaps from your wedding too. You could include some words of romance on the page, and a pressed fuchsia plant among the pages to represent your third year of living as husband and wife.

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