I am a winter person.  I love blankets and hot chocolate and hibernating!  That being said I am forever moaning that I am cold.  To be fair in the summer I’m always moaning that I’m hot.  I think my internal thermostat is broken!

It is however a running joke in our house that I am cold blooded.  This month has already seen me huddled by the radiator and wrapped in a blanket whilst the husband is wondering around in shorts and flip flops still.  Personally I think he’s in denial and it’s time to let go of Summer!

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I cannot be without three essentials during the winter months…

1 My cosy blanket  

If I’m in the lounge, I’m wrapped in my cosy blanket. Normally it’s tucked under my chin and wrapped around my feet so only my head is visible.  The husband laughs at me.  I don’t care. Occasionally I share it with the smalls and we snuggle up together.  It would be lovely if it wasn’t for all the wafting they do!

2 My hot water bottle

It’s normally being hugged tightly underneath my blanket.  It also comes to bed with me. It’s kind of a permanent attachment during the winter months.  Like a really clingy baby that you can’t put down, and renders you having to do everything with one hand.  I might invent some kind of hot water bottle carrying device and take it to Dragons Den.  I’d buy it!

3 My heated blanket

There is nothing like the feeling of slipping into a warm bed.  I cannot get to sleep if I am cold.  Although the husband is there to warm me up, he has this really annoying habit of falling asleep (how dare he) and becoming a dead weight.  So now instead of passing out because my ribs are being crushed, we don’t need to hug!  The only downside is when we fall asleep with it still on and wake up at 2 in the morning because we are melting!


I have recently discovered thermal vests.  Not the sexiest thing in the world, but so cosy. It’s like an extra layer of skin that I just want to keep on for the whole of winter.

Now if only the thermostat would stay where I put it, I would be toasty warm all of the time. But whenever I walk pass it appears to be one or two notches lower than where I left it.  I have a sneaky suspicion who the culprit is.  Put some bloody trousers on!


icount carried out some research into what people really dislike about the Winter months. Can you relate to any of them?

“This time of year is when the weather in Britain takes a turn for the worse and we start feeling the pinch. The days get shorter and the dark draws in much sooner, which makes you feel like the best option is to hibernate at home and not re-emerge until at least Spring. You have to start turning the heating on at home (costly!) and as Christmas is looming you have to buy people presents (also costly!)”

“It’s spider season, so we find loads in the house which means we have to spend more money on kitchen rolls because we run out from general use and catching the spiders. I don’t catch them, my housemates do. I provide the kitchen towels by doing last minute runs to ASDA!”

“I don’t like leaving for work when it’s dark and getting home when it’s dark – especially if the weather is bad and you don’t get out for a walk in the middle of the day. Also getting home to a cold house and having to constantly be switching the heating on and off just to heat the house for one person – I sometimes just have the heaters on in the rooms I’m using.”

“Getting out of the shower when the house is freezing.”

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