Owning a pet is the next best thing from having a child. As a matter of fact, some people are so obsessed with their pups and kitties to the point that they consider them as equals. As a loving pet parent, no one wants to see their furry friend suffering from the effects of the elements. During the extreme weather season such as winter, the most humane thing to do is to take responsibility and ensure that your canine friend remains warm and comfortable.

The chilly winter conditions may not only make your dog uncomfortable, but it may also trigger certain illnesses, which can be quite costly for you, both emotionally and financially. But how exactly can you keep your pup warm in the cold season?

Well, thanks to the huge number of people that love pets, there are certain products out there on the market that you can purchase you warm your dog in winter. Here are 3 items to buy that will help keep your dog warm in the winter.


keep your dog warm


1 Insulated Kennels or Dog Shelter

Especially if your canine friend is always free to live outside the home, they need a place they can retreat to when the weather conditions become extreme. One of the items you can purchase to keep your outside dog warm and comfortable in the winter is an insulated dog shelter or kennel. As a matter of fact, indoor kennels are also available nowadays.

Whether you go for an indoor dog shelter system, a dog crate or an outdoor kennel, it is important to go for one that is insulated and perhaps with a heating system in place to keep your pup warm in winter. You can also choose to insulate your pre-existing dog house with a reliable option such as soy foam insulation. Dog house heating systems are also available. 


2 Doggy Jackets/Clothing

Winter can be very intimidating for dogs, just as it is for humans. Depending on your dog’s breed, not all dogs are furry and agile enough to stay comfortable in the cold winter extremes. Especially for the indoor designated pet, getting him or her some doggy clothing such as jackets, boots, (The Dog Clinic has a good list) sweaters, and socks can go a long way in keeping them warm. Let no one lie to you that dog clothing is any weird. You know what’s best for your pet, comfort, good health, and happiness being some of the top priorities.


3 Heated pads

For the less aggressive indoor canine pals, heated pads can be an amazing way to keep them warm in the winter. These are mat-like products that are electronically heated to make the dog’s sleeping place warmer and more comfortable. Heated pads come in a wide range of options, including indoor-rated and outdoor-rated pads. With these, however, you’ll need to be a bit extra careful with your dog’s behaviour. You’ll need to keep electric cords away from chewers or get them some heavy-duty mats instead.


In addition to the above, heated bowls are another great option. While keeping your dog hydrated, the heated dog water bowl can also keep your dog warmer in the winter.


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