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I enjoy Summer for long days and being able to go outside and do things with a slightly reduced chance of a torrential downpour.  I don’t enjoy the heat waves though.  I hate being hot.  I get grumpy.  The hotter it is, the grumpier I get.  Which is mainly why I love Autumn and Winter.  I’m happier!  But here’s a few other reasons…


Autumn leaves image


Reason Number One: Hot Water Bottles and Heated Blankets

I am very aware that the following statement makes me sound like an old lady:  

I love my heated blanket.  

There.  I don’t care,  It’s true.  It’s probably one of my top ‘can’t live without’ items.  There is nothing like slipping into a warm cosy bed.  And if truth be told, I have been know to go to bed with the heated blanket on, AND a hot water bottle.  Don’t judge me!


Reason Number Two: Winter Boots

A girl can NEVER have too many boots.  Did you hear that husband?  And the choice!  I’m like a kid in a toy store.  Knee High, mid calf, ankle? Chelsea, cowboy?  I am drooling at the thought.  Plus with a gorgeous pair of boots, no one need ever know that your toenails are currently sporting last Summer’s shade of coral, and you are now conducting an experiment to see how long it takes to ‘grow out’.

These boots are my current fantasy…

Daydreaming of boots from simply be image

Boots £78 from Simply Be


Reason Number Three: Presents

My birthday is in January.  So I pretty much have to wait the entire year for gifts.  So as shallow as it sounds, I love this time of year because it means lots of presents for me! Please see the point above for gift ideas. 😉


Reason Number Four: Pajamas

It’s cold and dark outside.  therefore I am staying in.  It’s cold and dark outside, so everyone else is probably staying in too.  What does this mean?  No unexpected visitors.  And no unexpected visitors means it’s perfectly acceptable to slip into your Pajamas at 6pm. Ahhhhhhhh 🙂 

Pajamas from Simple Be

Pajamas £22 from Simply Be


Reason Number Five: Hot Chocolate

With squirty cream and marshmallows.  Enough said.

child drinking hot chocolate


Reason Number Six: Winter Walks

No one moaning about being too hot, looking for shade so the kids don’t get sun burnt, chasing off wasps, or having a major tantrum because their ice cream is melting.  Cold crisp Autumn and Winter mornings are perfect for a family walk / scoot.  So much less whinging and whining.  And not just from me.



Reason Number Seven: Hats and Scarves

I love me a hat and scarf combo.  Forget your dry shampoo.  Just whack on a hat and you’re good to go!

a selection of autumn and winter hats and gloves from Simply Be

Hats and Scarves from Simply Be


Reason Number Eight: An Extra Hour in Bed

Okay so this one may not apply now I have small people in my life who will be peeling my eyelids open and demanding food and Peppa Pig before the birds are up.  But remember before the sleep thieves came along….


Reason Number Nine: Strictly

I love Strictly so much.  It’s pure escapism, and even after a crappy week it makes me smile.  I actually get annoyed by social invites on a Saturday evening!  What’s not to love? Aljaz, the sequins and sparkle, Aliaz, the music, Aljaz, the dresses, Aljaz, the dancing and of course Aljaz.

Daydreaming image of Aljaz

No remarks about how I am almost old enough to be his mother.  Albeit in a very scandalous red top news story kind of way.  


Reason Number 10: It’s Pretty

The changing colours of Autumn, the twinkling Christmas lights.  This time of year is pretty and it lifts my mood.  It’s far more appealing than seeing the flesh and feet that Summer offers us.  I’m just going to ignore the fact that come January it’s not quite as twinkly and just gets a bit grey and wet.

Winter scene

See, pretty!  Just ignore the numb toes, the country coming to a complete standstill, the fact that pushing a buggy through snow is much like pushing it through treacle, and that this will all turn to brown sludge.  It’s pretty!


Anyone else prefer the colder seasons to the ones where your boobs sweat and your hair goes all frizzy?


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  1. I love this! Autumn is my favourite season… although I say that about Summer too when it comes around but then I remember how much, like you, I hate the heat… I get all clammy and stressed! My fave thing about Autumn is the leaves… walks while crunching leaves and taking them home to paint etc is awesome! <3

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