I love doing a little redecorating in the springtime. It’s the perfect opportunity to clean out those cobwebs and try a refreshing new look before the summer sun comes out.

positive energy in the home

But this year, things weren’t going my way.

I tried a few different ideas, but our home still felt mired in lockdown vibes.

How do you shoo over a year’s worth of pandemic anxiety out of your home?

I realized that this was something a lot of people were dealing with. So, I decided to put together a little guide on learning to love your home again after being stuck inside it for so long.

Here are some decorating tips (and revelations) that helped bring some much needed positive energy back into our home.

1. Get Everyone Involved

positive energy in the home

My biggest mistake this year was doing all the decorating myself.

To be honest, I normally do the redecorating alone. Getting the kids involved isn’t exactly my idea of a stress-free afternoon.

But this year was different. My decorating wasn’t working because my family didn’t see the decorations as a positive change. They were just small changes in a static home.

When I decided to get everyone involved, they become active participants in the transition from “lockdown house” to “loving home.”

To get the kids involved, you can give them simple tasks that make them feel like they’re playing an active role. You can also ask them leading questions, such as, “What should we decorate first, the table or the mantle?” Or, “Can you choose where this pillow looks best on the sofa?”

When kids participate in the “building” of your space, they feel better about themselves and have more pride in their home.

This is a great way to help children to feel more positive and to shake out those lockdown blues.  

2. Introduce Dynamic Décor

positive energy in the home

Most decorations are static, or non-moving. That’s not a bad thing. Too many moving parts make a room stressful, and you don’t want your home to start looking like a funhouse from a circus.

However, adding the right dynamic decorations can boost positive vibes and make your space seem new.

This is one reason that the ancient decorating art of feng shui recommends adding a fountain to your home to increase positivity.

Fountains are peaceful and relaxing, but they’re also dynamic and full of movement.

There are a lot of reasons you may not want to add a fountain to your home. But there are some other decorations that introduce the same relaxing yet dynamic energy.

I recommend the levitating decorations by Floately.

These accessories really levitate, and there are a bunch of them to choose from, like lamps, speakers and plant pots.

My favourites are Volta, the levitating lightbulb, and Airsai, the floating plant pot.

Both are eye-catching without being gaudy, and kids love them. Nothing boosts positivity like smiles from your children when they enter a room.

Floately’s levitating decorations are safe and family-friendly. They’re also beautifully designed with real wood and durable materials. Volta will last up to 20 years per bulb, and Airsai can be used again and again for your house plants.

The best thing about levitating décor is that it increases dynamic energy without adding distracting movement. These levitating gadgets rotate slowly in mid-air. It’s like they’re floating in zero gravity.

It’s really relaxing to watch them float. Something about the frictionless movement evokes a calming energy.

Floately’s levitating decorations are an easy way to refresh the energy in a room. Especially because they’re on sale now. You can get Volta, Airsai and more floating decorations for up to 70% off here.

positive energy in the home

3. Add More Plants

Another tip straight from the roots of feng shui: add more green plants to your home to get an easy positivity boost.

Plants are naturally relaxing, and they cultivate compassion because we need to take care of them.

I found this to be a rewarding way to get the kids involved in decorating. They were much more interested in getting their hands dirty and planting a few flowers and ferns than they are arranging candles and picture frames.

When they help to plant something, they continue to care about their green pet and watch it grow for days and months. All of a sudden, your tired space has something lively and mysterious growing inside. And soon, this energy branches out and transforms your home into a place that blooms with new life.

And besides, there’s no better way to celebrate the springtime than with some new green babies!

To double up on positive energy, plant a colourful flower in the Airsai floating plant pot from the previous tip. Airsai will hold your plant in steady levitation while rotating gently, adding a serene dynamism that bursts with good vibes.

And, Airsai is actually better for plants than normal pots. It rotates in mid-air, which exposes your plant to an equal amount of light on all sides. This helps plants to grow stronger and happier.

positive energy in the home

4. Create Something Together

Togetherness is a big theme here! If you love crafting with your little ones, why not create something together?

DIY-ing a centrepiece or door decoration is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and you’ll be rewarded with positivity for months to come.

Making and hanging some art together will help your kids to feel more pride in themselves and in your space. But, simply having fun and creating together will remind you all that your house isn’t a place to get locked down. It’s a place where you build positive memories and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Clear Lockdown Clutter

This one seems easy, but it’s harder than you think. Clearing clutter is a tip that you’ll find on every spring cleaning list.

But this year, you can’t just clear normal clutter. You need to clear out the things that remind you and your family of life under lockdown.

These things will be different for every family, and they might not have anything to do with lockdown.

For us, it was the mounds of blankets in the living room—on the sofas, in the corners—everywhere. We spent a lot of time watching movies and laying around in the winter, but now that spring is here, those blankets are just a reminder of being stuck inside.

To locate your pandemic clutter, focus on places where you spent the most time this winter, like the sofa, the bedroom and the home office. Replace some of the common items that you use with new ones, or get rid of them completely to make room for new energy.

Love Your Home Again

Our homes have felt like prisons for a long time. If you don’t do something to change that energy, it could take your family ages to stop associating your space with pandemic anxieties.

Luckily, you have control over the vibes in your home. A positive change can turn even the most tired spaces into rejuvenating and loving ones.

Try some of the tips on this list first, and please leave some of your own ideas in the comments! I’m still trying to shake the pandemic cobwebs out, so I’d love more ideas.

For an easy win, clear out clutter and add more greenery. For a fun boost of positivity for the whole family, get an Airsai plant pot or Volta lightbulb from Floately. A little dynamic décor can give a positive jolt to any room. And, you can get both of these decorations for 70% off during Floately’s spring sale.

Visit http://www.floately.com to see Airsai and Volta levitating now.

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Decorating tips to bring positive energy into your home

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