Is it possible to have a stylish home with kids? Most parents must have pondered this question over the years, as they wade through mounds of plastic. The amount of paraphernalia kids seem to need is astonishing! You spend years developing your own individual style, perhaps collecting a few stylish pieces along the way and then the patter of tiny feet brings chaos and disorder. Suddenly mounds of plastic start to occupy corners, furniture gets covered in crayon as well as goodness knows what and your sharp clean, minimalistic lines become cushioned with safety protectors.   

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Of course we happily accept these changes, as the arrival of a baby brings fun and joy to a home. However it would be nice to be able to hang on to a little style within your home whilst keeping your children safe. Usually space becomes an issue, as you need lots of storage for toys, clothes and prams. You could move to a larger property if this is feasible, as let’s face it, you are going to be living with your children for at least another 18 years! Moving house with children is also a challenge, so consider hiring a professional house removal company such as  AZ Moving Services to make the task simpler.


The  following tips may help you to create a stylish but child friendly home.



You will need storage, in fact you will need more storage options than you have ever considered before! It is nice to tidy toys away at the end of the day, in order to create a space that is clutter free in the evening.There are some fantastic stylish storage options that would be suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. Be sure that the storage is safe, with no sharp corners and that it is secured safely to walls to prevent toppling over, should your toddler attempt to climb.



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Flooring needs to be practical when you have children. Wall to wall cream carpets would not be a wise choice!  Wooden floors are practical as well as stylish. You could always add different rugs to change the look as fashions change. If you opt for a solid wood floor, be aware that it may become scratched by toys. Laminate flooring may be a better option as it is hardwearing and easy to clean.When you have children your choice of flooring needs to be as practical as possible.



Similarly to flooring, furniture needs to be practical and easy to clean. There are many stylish options available. Sofas should be either covered in a washable fabric or be made from an easy to wipe down leather or leather substitute. When choosing tables, choose one with no sharp corners and avoid glass. There are many safety devices designed to protect small children’s fingers from getting trapped or heads knocked, they will only need to be used for a short time until they are old enough to understand dangers.



Style trends change so quickly it is hard to keep up. It would be expensive to change your furniture every year, so learn to accessorise. Add a few scatter cushions and rugs in colours that are on trend and your room will be transformed!


As colours change so rapidly in what is seen as fashionable, you could update your room simply by painting a wall in an on-trend colour. All for the cost of a tin of paint!


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  1. *Alone should read along LOL. Thankfully she was alone and didn’t bring an army of babies with her.

  2. Really nice tips, We had to change so many things when little miss came alone. Our fancy glass TV stand became a horrible danger to a newly walking toddler but there are a huge amount of safety devices now that can make almost any piece safe. And YES, latch that heavy furniture. ❤ Great article.

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