Over the last six months Little is getting more and more into Lego, so along with his Big brother we now have an insane amount of Lego in our house. And if you have Lego, you need storage! So here are a few Lego storage ideas I have put together to help with playing and storing, and if you are so inclined, organising!

Lego storage ideas

Lego Storage Ideas – Storing

Lego Heads

These are great if you are just starting out, and look awesome in kids bedrooms. You can get a fantastic range of them now, and they are a lot cheaper then when we got our first one many moons ago!

Bonus tip: They are great for serving crisps or sweets from for a Lego themed birthday party.

You can get the bricks too…

Figure Storage

Big has always loved playing with Lego figures. He has various sets from things he has been into from ninja turtle, to Harry Potter, to Star Wars. We bought these for him and mounted them on his bedroom wall and he regularly changes which figures he has on display.

Another idea…


Ikea have an answer for pretty much any storage problem. The trofast system is great for Lego storage. You can customise the size of the unit and the draws come in different depths and colours. I’m sure once the Lego days are gone this unit will live on as storage for whatever teenage boys need!

Image: Ikea

Lego Storage Ideas – Playing


These have been a total game changer for me. Whenever the boys were building Lego sets they would pinch my trays to pour all the pieces onto. I would lose my trays for weeks on end, and invariably the boys would lose Lego pieces as they trays got moved or tipped over.

These lidded storage trays are perfect for Lego building projects. They get used in our house daily. I only wish I had found them years ago!


A must have for any Lego fan. The storage bag that turns into a mat makes tidying up really simple.

Lego Table

If you have the space these a brilliant. Storage and play space all in one. Another item that could be up-cycled into something else at a later date.

Lego Storage Ideas – Organising

Clear tubs

For those of you who like your Lego to be more organised and aesthetically pleasing, these tubs are a great way to store bricks. I just can’t guarantee the small people are going to keep them organised. And do you do it by colour or brick size?

Tupperware & Bags

Some sets are built and get played with, some sets go on display. But inevitably you might need to store a set to be built again another day. Colourful Tupperware is a great way of doing this. Or if you have a lot more to store zip lock bags are a cheaper way of doing it. Easy to grab when they want to rebuild, and don’t get mixed up with all the other Lego. Definitely one I wish I had thought of sooner!

So that’s my Lego storage ideas. I would love to hear yours in the comments.

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