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This weeks Rookie Mistake nearly made me pee my pants!  For all the new mums out there, breastfeeding takes a bit of practice, and when you really want a baby to sleep, they won’t.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Abi from Something About Baby




How Not to Attend a Nail Appointment with a Baby

As a first time mum, you might say I was a little bit naïve to think that this story would go any different to the way it did, but you live and learn!

My lovely sisters bought me a beauty treatment voucher as part of my baby shower gift.  The idea was to have my nails done whilst I was on maternity leave before the baby came.  However, I had so much to do, I never quite got round to it, so I decided to save it and have my nails done for when I was a bridesmaid for my best friend.

So the morning rolled round and my appointment was at 11am.  My husband was at work, and although I could have asked someone to watch the baby, I thought I’d be fine.  It was totally normal to take your baby to a nail appointment, right? What could go wrong, he was only 3 weeks old. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that small fact?!

We were only 5 minutes late for the appointment (a win in my book) and Alfie had fallen asleep on the walk down to town, so I was smiling smugly to myself that I was about to get 30 minutes of baby free pampering.  Until, that is, we realised the pram didn’t fit through the shop door.  Oh.

Luckily, as he was still small he was in his carry cot, so I thought ok, I’ll just lift it off and place him on the floor in the carry cot – my first mistake, seen as how I’d only had a c-section 3 weeks ago, I should not have been lifting something that heavy.  I kind of dropped him on the floor instead of placing down gently, so he woke up.  Of course he did.

I manged to shush him and he went back to sleep.  Result!  I settled down and picked my nail colour – purple to match my bridesmaid dress.  The nail girl was quite young, but lovely, and was asking me questions about Alfie and being a mum.  It was a lovely conversation – for the 3 minutes before Alfie woke up.  She had just put on the first coat of polish and it was an agonising minute whilst it dried under the UV lamp before I could pick him up!  Once I picked him up, he settled for a moment while she did the other hand. Cue another agonising minute as he started crying once my hand was placed under the UV lamp.

I suddenly realised he wanted feeding.  I was breastfeeding and so far had just been living in vest tops that I pulled down when I was sitting at home.  Although I had fed in public before, I had always dressed appropriately so I could be discreet – I’m not a wap a boob out kind of girl – until now!  Luckily it was a private room, so it was just me and the nail girl, but even so, I was getting quite stressed at this point.

I luckily had a muslin, so I draped that over my shoulder, and started feeding him.  One bonus of being a breastfeeder is that you only need one hand, so I could still have the other hand attended to whilst he fed.  All was going fine until Alfie decided he had finished feeding but was going to be incredibly fussy.  My hand was being painted, I had three nails done, two to go, when all of a sudden he pulled his head back!  This knocked the muslin slightly so I had to try and stop it falling off and revealing my whole boob, whilst keeping hold of Alfie and trying not to smudge the nails that had just been painted.

That wasn’t even the worst of it.

As the baby’s head moved away, the milk didn’t stop flowing, and squirted right out of my nipple, across the nail table and into the face of the nail technician. Being a new mum, my milk supply was still unsettled and I had quite a powerful let-down.  Something the nail girl definitely found out.    I wanted the ground to swallow me up!  By now my nail was smudged, Alfie was crying and then to top it off, the muslin fell off completely.

So there we were, screaming baby, nail technician with breastmilk on her face, new mum with her swollen boob hanging out.

This is definitely a story of how not to have your nails done.

There was a happy ending – I sorted myself out, the nail lady was lovely and laughed it off, she finished my nails and Alfie fell asleep on the way home (typically).  We went to the wedding the next day and had a wonderful day – no breastfeeding dramas there!

About Abi:

My name is Abi and I’m a first time mum to Alfie.  I am a Legal PA in the big city of London by day and come home to our little town in Essex and blog by night.  I work hard to juggle the struggles of being a full time working mum, as well as working on the blog part time whilst still putting Alfie and my husband Craig above everything else!  I love writing over at Something About Baby though as it keeps me sane and it keeps me focused on my family.  I enjoy sharing the details of our family life, and the blog is a wonderful memento of Alfie’s life as he grows up.


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5 Comments on Rookie Mistakes – How Not to Attend a Nail Appointment With a Baby

  1. Haha! I can’t cope with nail appointments in the best of circumstances, let alone with a baby! I did use to take eldest to hair appointments when she was a baby though, and amazingly got away with no problems. The youngest was a very different baby though, and eldest a toddler then – I was never daft enough to attempt it after youngest was born. Just didn’t have my hair cut for two years! #FridayFrolics

  2. Wow Abi, hats off to you for even ATTEMPTING a nail appointment with a 3-week-old. I wouldn’t have had the guts:( And yes, though this seems hilarious in retrospect, it must’ve been pure anguish at the moment. But… a memory (and resulting blog post) nonetheless:)
    Bet you’re not going to that nail salon again!

  3. Thank you for featuring my story, looking back now I can see it was hilarious but at the time I couldn’t get out of there quick enough!! Definitely made me more confident feeding in public though, at least nothing could be worse than squinting a stranger with your milk!

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