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This weeks Rookie Mistake is from Mrs baffled who blogs at Baffled & The Button Pusher. Mrs Baffled was one of the first people to guest post on the Rookie Mistakes series when she told us a story about accidentally locking her child in the car.  Just to show that most parents have several Rookie Mistakes to their bow, Mrs Baffled is back with another story…




Clinique Super Strawberry Lipstick

I love reading other parents’ rookie mistakes on Life Love & Dirty Dishes.  Partly because they make me laugh out loud, but mostly because it’s comforting to know that we’re all just winging it and occasionally getting it so spectacularly wrong that you’ll end up locking your child in the car!  Which yes, I have done.

There’s that well known phrase that we learn from our mistakes.  But we also all know that hormones and sleep deprivation do strange things to new parents, which can be the only explanation for what happened one day a couple of years ago.

My little Button-Pusher and I were a couple of months into our baby-led weaning journey, and thus far it had been going well.  So well in fact that I’m pretty certain that I’d become one of those smug ‘oh my child will eat anything’ mums.  And as we all know, parental smugness will bite you in the ass eventually.  Nonetheless, weaning was going well, and B-P liked to eat anything and everything.     On this particular day, she was sat on her play mat, clothing removed ready for a nappy change.  In the short space of time that it took me to turn away and reach for the wipes, she got into my handbag, found a Clinique Chubby Stick (in the tasty sounding colour, Super Strawberry), had removed the lid and was nibbling on the end of the lipstick!  I always thought that I’d be a calm communicative parent, who got down to a child’s level and explained and discussed the issues of the day with them.  And then I had a child, so you know, the calmness thing flew straight outta the window.  I screeched “ no no no no no!” at my poor baba and snatched the Chubby Stick from her chubby little hands.  She of course burst into tears, exposing 4 little teeth smeared in Super Strawberry.  

After a clean up and a cuddle, I placed her back down on the mat with a full water bottle, hoping it would flush it through her system, and called Clinique to ask for an ingredients list and their thoughts on babies eating their products.  The very lovely (and amused) customer service lady said it was the best call she’d received that day, and assured me that as it’s used on the lips , it shouldn’t be too harmful to ingest a little.  But she also recommended speaking to my GP, just to be on the safe side.  

As I called the surgery, pacing and wondering if Super Strawberry could be classed as one of her 5-a-day, I noticed that B-P was sitting in a pool of water, and nibbling on something else.  That water bottle, the one that was supposed to flush the lipstick out of her system?  It had been tipped upside down, swelled her nappy to extreme proportions, and my curious little baba had picked away at it exposing over soaked, over sized nappy crystals.  Which she had also decided to eat.  

Our very calm GP, who had clearly seen it all before, was incredibly relaxed and said that children eat lots of things that they shouldn’t.  My little Button-Pusher was as fine as can be whereas I was a guilt ridden nervous wreak.  It’s a long way down from your organic, fair trade, baby-led weaning pedestal, and I fell with a big old bump that day, promising I would learn from my mistakes.  Which I did, until y’know, that day she nibbled on a cardboard box…. 


About Mrs Baffled:

Is your little one pushing your buttons? Mine too! Mrs Baffled lives in South East London with Mr B and their beautiful, funny 3 1/2 year old daughter, affectionately known as the Button-Pusher. You can find Mrs B blogging out the #mumstress at Baffled & the Button-Pusher and writing rhyming children’s stories to maintain her sanity. Come and say hi. x



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What is the worst thing your child has eaten?


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