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Rookie Mistakes is a series where guest bloggers divulge their parenting fails, and make us laugh or inspire us in the process.  After all, we can’t all be pintrest perfect parents.


This weeks guest post comes from one of my personal favorites,  Laura who blogs at Life With Baby Kicks.  Parenting is hard work on the best of days.  But when the small people are sick, life gets really tough.  That’s when you really need things to go your way, not for rookie mistakes to occur!


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Laura is a 30-something stay at home mum of 2 little boys.  Moving from London to the desert otherwise known as Dubai in 2013 leaving the corporate world behind she is now a full time stay at home mum.  To try and retain some semblance of the Laura behind the Mummy she set up Life with Baby Kicks in January 2015.  The rest, as they say, is history. 




Just when you think you have it nailed…

You know you think you have the whole parenting lark down by the time your second child arrives?  You’ve done the whole baby stage once and your Toddler is still standing.  You’ve forgotten anything which was less than pleasant and anything that was stand out has now become something which you laugh at only.  You know, like the time your kid peed off the changing table while you were in the pub onto his last set of clean clothes which were resting at the top of your bag?
No, as a second time mum I had it DOWN.  Except when I didn’t.
Therein lies my rookie mistake.
Last month the Baby was sick.  Really poorly.  A take him to the doctors because he won’t stop screaming type of sick.  With multiple vomitting incidents from a baby that rarely throws up.  He had tonsillitis.  We got the antibiotics and embarked on our week of staying in to get him better.
As the Baby poonamied up his second to last nappy at 4pm, using my very last wipe to clean him up, that idea quickly changed from staying in to a fun and exciting trip to the supermarket.  With the promise of a babychino for the Toddler for the trouble.
Load everyone in the car.  Toddler, check.  Baby, check.  Bunny, check.  Me, check.  Off we set, all is well with the world.  Chatting to the Toddler about Babychinos and considering the possibilities of cake.  Debating the merit of carrot cake (like Bing Bunny) or chocolate cake, reaching the no man land point of smack bang in the middle between home and our destination when I heard that sound.
Nope not the poonami sound, that I could deal with.
The GAG.
That you know has led to sick.
This was confirmed by the Toddler
“Mummy he’s done BIIIIIIIIG sick”
Not just sick.  Big sick.
What do I do?  I have no wipes – we were on the way to buy them?  The last of my muslins is sat on the couch at home with me forgetting to bring it.  And of course I realise there is no change of clothes in the bag having used them earlier in the day when I had no energy to run up the stairs to get some.
The roundabout ahead.  The decision needs to be made.  The tired, sleep deprived mummy brain needs to kick into action.
Spin round and go home to get him changed, the Toddlers wails starting as he wanted a cake and a babychino.  He keeps that up all the way home, getting progressively louder, while the baby is now quietly asleep in the sick.
rookie mistakes
Pulling into the driveway, taking him and sick covered bunny out and hosing them down, stuffing muslins in the car seat to try and clean it up a bit.  Obviously waking him in the process leading to more tears.  Finally sorted clicking him back in the car and looking up.
The toddler is asleep.  The Toddler doesn’t nap anymore.  And if he does he certainly doesn’t nap at 4:45pm.
And I still have no nappies.
Or cake.
Or coffee.


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Is there anything worse to run out of?


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12 Comments on Rookie Mistakes – A Guest Post by Life With Baby Kicks

  1. We always bear in mind to bring wipes, towel, antiemetic, clothes, food and some bottles of water with us when driving on a long road as precautions. Baby sick in a car seat needs a lot of stuff.

  2. Oh no! Our Baby (now really a toddler) did this in the car on the way to see some of OH’s family just before Christmas. She has never been sick in the car before. We did have a change of clothes for her, but were nowhere near home, going out for whole day, & the car seat was covered. Also she had been in a pretty new dress for pictures & it was a worrying shade of orange that I was convinced would be permanent stain by the time I got to wash it (it wasn’t). Had to stop at services and buy copious amounts of lemon antibac wipes and febreze to try to deal with car! & we were late. #fridayfrolics

  3. Nooooooo I can’t bare it for you. In fact I’m empathising so much I’m now stressed and laughing as the same time. Too.many.emotions at.once. loved this totally brillisnt x

  4. Oh noooooooooooo!!! I constantly run out of wipes, clothes, and important stuff! And I still leave the house without the changing bag, more often than I leave with it! But car sick is the worst… We still have remnants of car sick on the seat from 2 years ago, it just won’t come out! I hope that day your husband did bedtime by himself, made you dinner, and that you consumed enough wine to sedate a rhino!!

  5. I’m fairly sure I’ll never run out of, or forget to bring, wipes ever again after reading this story. Thanks so much for sharing your Rookie Mistake so that we can all learn from it, and hopefully avoid such disasters ourselves, haha! It sounds like quite an adventure, the type of thing you can only laugh about later 🙂

  6. No coffee and no cake??? How is a person supposed to function under those conditions?? I have experienced the whole vomit and car seat scenario and cannot for one minute see how a person would be able to manage it without wipes? (And possibly vodka?) Medal for that Mum! I would still be parked at the side of the road sobbing…

    Brilliant – thank you for sharing x

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