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This series invites bloggers to divulge their rookie mistakes so we can all feel a bit better about ours and know that we are not alone.  


Most parents have had a  rookie mistake with a nappy.  We all have a poo story to tell.  Some of us even have a collection of them!  This weeks guest post comes from Georgie who blogs at Junebugs Mumma.  She has a smelly rookie mistake to share.


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Hi, my name is Georgie.

I live in regional South Australia with Mr Junebug and our two gorgeous girls, K + M. Trying to live by my Grandma’s mantra – “You’ve gotta be able to laugh.” 

My blog is a lighthearted, honest look at the chaos that is motherhood.




Perfecting The Poonami


Snuggled on the couch, reading to K; M tucked against my chest in the sling, fast asleep – life seems pretty darn perfect.


As I’m mid sentence, without so much as flinching, M lets rip with two of the loudest, juiciest, most offensive shits ever passed through a newborns tiny bum. K and I exchange a look of shock and panic. Judging by the force of the explosion, I know instantly that we’re dealing with a poonami that all the nappies in the world could not have contained. 


We jump up and race down to M’s room – K starts pulling out clean nappies and wipes, while I try desperately to unravel M from the intricately wrapped sling that’s holding her tight against my chest.


I know in my heart that I’ve got shit on me – I’ve braced myself for that fact. What I have not prepared myself for, is that the poonami has already reached the sling.


I’m madly pulling and twisting, trying to unravel the four metre long piece of material without dropping M like a hot potato covered in shit; the small patch of poo on my shirt has now been smeared in 360 degrees around my stomach and over my shoulder. Meanwhile, K is gagging and throwing wipes and nappies across the room. M is quietly pleased with her efforts.


I finally get M onto the change table – her once white pants, now a hideous shade of yellow. I carefully pile the sling on the floor, ensuring there is no poo in contact with the new carpet.
I peel back her pants and gasp as I realise the extent of the devastation. K hears my gasp and rushes closer to make sure I’ve got things under control. In her haste, she trips over the sling – knocking the poo soaked section onto the carpet and squashing it in with her knee.


There is now shit on all three of us, the sling, the carpet, the change table and every piece of M’s outfit (excluding one sock).


Job title: Mother of two.
Status: Nailing it.”



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Have you made a rookie mistake with a nappy?


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9 Comments on Rookie Mistakes – A Guest Post by Junebugs Mumma

  1. You have to laugh – afterwards! At the time, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like trying to do damage control on an out of control poop. Funny post, I really enjoyed it (at your expense)! #twinklytuesday

  2. Ha ha this is so bad but so funny. It reminds me of the time my eldest projectile vomited all over herself, me and my husband in Starbucks. It was so disastrous. I hope the carpet survived! Becky x #sharewithme

  3. OH you couldn’t make it up if you tried. I have been there. Sometimes you have to just sit and have a crazy wick laugh out loud at yourself and the situation then a bath all around. Bless you. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me and I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

  4. Oh no! This sounds like one horrific day for me a while back. My daughter was poorly and had an accident whilst napping. It still gives me nightmares! Hope it was all ok in the end 🙂 #MMWBH

  5. Oh dear! That happened to us too when my little girl was still a baby, can’t imagine how much poop came out of their small bums, isn’t it? A lovely series for mums like us who always battles with dirty nappies everyday. #sharewithme

  6. Haha! This is brilliantly described, I can just picture the scene, although thankfully I’ve never had to experience a poonami quite so dramatic! #sharewithme

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