I never really noticed that I was invisible before.  But then I lost lots of weight and realised that I had been.  But the weight loss made me visible.  Now I have put weight back on I feel invisible again.


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Now I am not saying that the invisibility is related to size.  It’s not.  It’s entirely related to self confidence.  When I was slimmer I was more confident.  I walked with my head higher, I made eye contact with people.  I didn’t have the horrible paranoia that people were laughing at me or judging me.

I didn’t mind being visible.  Right now I’m quite happy to be invisible.  I don’t want people to notice me.  I would rather blend into the background.

Human beings are such complex creatures.  On the one hand I have crippling low self esteem. Yet on the other hand I can stand in a room and give a speech or a presentation to any number of people without a problem.  When it comes to public speaking I can put this front on, and have loads of confidence.  I wish I could apply that same confidence to the way I feel about myself.

‘Fake it ’til you make it’ is a popular buzz phrase right now.  But is it really that easy?

I don’t think I’m ever going to reach the confidence levels of Kim Kardashian.  There’s enough naked selfies in the world.  And personally I think being too confident is a bad thing.  You can come across as self absorbed and arrogant.  I think there are far better role models and people to aspire to in the world than someone who can balance a wine glass on their arse.

I’d settle for content.  Comfortable in my own skin, enough to not want to be invisible anymore.

So, any tips on faking it until I make it?!


Loving Me is a weekly weight loss series following the LighterLife Fast plan.


My Weight Loss Diary

What is LighterLife Fast?

LighterLife Fast is based on the 5:2 diet concept.  You eat healthily for 5 days and then fast for 2 days on restricted calories.  On the fast days you eat 4 of the LighterLife Fast food packs.  These food packs give you 100% of your daily nutrition.

Week Four:

I feel more positive after lats weeks negativity.  I’ve set myself a goal as something to focus on.  My goal is to loose 2 stone by Christmas.  We’ve got 9 weeks to go and accounting for my current weight loss that leaves 1 stone and 4 pounds to go.  An average of 2 pounds a week.

It feels quite scary writing the goals down rather than it being an idea in my head, but hopefully it will keep me focused.

This week I am going to change my fasting days and rather than having two consecutive fasting days, have a normal day inbetween.

 Week Four Weight Loss:






Total Weight Loss = 10 Pounds in four weeks


If you wish to find out more about LighterLife Fast visit lighterlifefast.com  LighterLife Fast products are available exclusively at Superdrug.

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Come back next week for part five and some recipes for healthy meals. 

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1 Comment on Loving Me: Part 4 – Being Invisible

  1. You are doing so well with your weight loss. This plan sounds really good. Hmm, not sure about tips for faking it. You met me at BritMums, I was so nervous that day that I kept throwing up. When it comes to meeting new people I tend to do a Bridget Jones but then I think if they are nice then they won’t judge me for it. :- )

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