Welcome to my monthly Blog Geek Tips feature where I share some blogging tips from both myself and some fellow bloggers.  This month I am talking about going self hosted.  If you are thinking about taking the plunge I hope you find it useful.  If you are already self hosted please add your tips in the comments.


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Why Should I go self hosted?

The biggest benefit is how much more you can do with your blog, more themes for a different look, fantastic plugins to help optimise your blog promotion.  You can really make your little space on the internet your own.  The question should really be, why am I not self hosted? 


The Reasons I Hear For Not Going Self Hosted:


It costs lost of money.

I have seen a few bloggers recently say they have been put off because of the upfront cost and monthly outgoing.  Some companies do charge an upfront fee, but there are plenty out there that don’t.  I use TSO Host and have never paid any fee other than my monthly £2.99.  Go on some forums, ask other bloggers who they recommend, talk to the hosting company so they give you some confidence.  Even if you are not planning to monitise your site and blog as a hobby, there are a lot more expensive hobbies you could have than £2.99 a month.


You need to be able to write code and other technical stuff.

You don’t.  I knew very little about websites when I went self hosted.  TSO migrated my site, talked me through the steps and did everything for me.  Most companies will offer a migration service.  I still don’t know much about coding, but I have learnt so much about websites in general since going self hosted and I think my blog is better for it.


Some Tips

Very similarly to when I started my blog, I went blindly ahead not really knowing what I was doing and figuring it out as I went along.  Here are some things I learnt in the process.


1 Let Your Readers Know

The only problem I encountered when I went self hosted is that I lost my e-mail subscribers.  Of course it was OK because I had copied my list of e-mailed subscribers and written a blog post so my readers knew what was happening.  It wasn’t OK, I didn’t do that. #RookieMistake


2 Do Some Research

Have a look into plugins that would benefit you.  Look at other peoples blogs for inspiration. Write a list and be ready work your way through it when your site is migrated.  (next months Blog Geek Tips is about plugins)


3 Allow Time

It’s amazing how time flies when you are tweeking (not to be confused with twerking) your blog. Going self hosted 2 days before you go off on holiday and you have to pack for everyone is probably not the best timing.  Do it when you know you have the time to spend a few evenings sat at your computer getting things how you want them.


4 Ask For Help

If you get stuck on something, ask for help.  There are forums and bloggers a plenty out there, and they are a pretty friendly bunch.  There’s no such thing as a stupid question.  Well, there was the time I was asked if a blank sheet of paper was landscape or portrait!


5 Phone a Friend

The lovely Yvette from Big Trouble in Little Nappies went self hosted at the same time as me. We had many late night messenger chats about google fonts and where the hell have my stats gone.  We both muddled our way through it and came out the other side with beautiful shiny blogs.  You might not know anyone else who is taking the plunge, but it’s worth calling on a friend to have a look over your site and check the comments section and social links are working.



Some Useful Posts From Some Brilliant Bloggers.



  • A really detailed guide for WordPress Users from Mum Turned Mom.  I wish I had seen this before I started!




So what are you waiting for.  Do it!


Please let me know if there is a blog geek subject you would like some tips on.


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  1. These blogs are really helping me, I am looking at starting to do more blogging and was wondering if I should convert to my own website and this has given me the push to do it.

  2. Great advice and good myth busting. It’s a worry I had to start but actually after some reading it went away. I think some just get scared and don’t investigate. Thanks for linking up with us on #blogstorm hope you have something for tomorrow 🙂

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