Welcome to my monthly Blog Geek Tips feature where I share some blogging tips from both myself and some fellow bloggers.  

This month is all about the basic things that I think are essential for people to connect with you, share your posts, and for brand to work with you.  The 5 blogging essentials every blog should have.

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1 Social Media Links (That Work!)

Most bloggers have their social media links in the sidebar.  But I regularly see blogs where the links don’t work.  Check the front end of your site regularly to make sure links are working.

2 Contact Details

I often e-mail people about collaborations.  Sometimes though I have to search for ages on a blog to find someone’s e-mail address.  Don’t make people look for it!  Your contact details should be easy to find.

3 Subscribe Options

If someone really loves your blog, they are likely to want to come back for more.  Make sure they can.  Give them a subscribe option and a Blog Lovin option.  There’s no point in writing great content if people can’t sign up to read it.  Regular readers are valuable.

4 Search Bar

Give people a search option on your blog.  People may want to know if you’ve written something about a particular topic and they don’t have the time or the patience to scroll through all of your posts.  A search bar is essential and it should be near the top.

5 Your Name

If you have chosen to blog anonymously that’s fine.  But if you haven’t, let us know your name.  If I want to get in contact I’d prefer to address you by your name rather than your blog.  Make sure your name is easy to find too, if it’s not on your sidebar make sure it’s in your about me page.  

True story: I answered the door to a man with a parcel.  As I opened the door he looked up and said, “Dirty?” I was rather outraged.  “Excuse me?”  He looked at his parcel again.

“Dirty Dishes?”  

“Oh yes, that’ me.”  

(And my name is clearly on my blog!)   


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I hope you find this post useful.  Let me know if there is a blog geek subject you would like some tips on.


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Claire Kirby

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  1. Fantastic few tips that i wholeheartedly agree with! I think these would be great for newer bloggers
    Thanks for linking up with us on #Blogstorm it is back live again tomorrow if you have any posts!

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