If there is anything my 39 years life experience has taught me, it is that there are two types of people in the world…

two types of people


Those people who like Marmite, and those people who gag at the smell of it and would rather eat worms.

Those people who have a jumpy nature, and those people that take advantage of this at every opportunity.  I am the first and  married the second.

Those people who are obsessed with unicorns, and those people that can’t wait for the phase to be over.

Those people that correct someone when they call them by the wrong name, and those people that don’t.  I spent two years being called Tracy in a previous job.  My name is Claire.  It’s not even close.

Those people that are inconsiderate morons, and those people that replace the toilet roll when it runs out.

Those people that use facebook to tell the world their ex is a lying cheating bastard, and those people that don’t overshare.

Those people that can organise a piss up in a brewery, and those people that don’t RSVP.

Those that can hold their drink, and those people that are weeping in the corner by the end of the night.

Those people who take a week to respond to a text message, and those people that reply immediately. I’m sorry to all me friends but I am the first.

Those people that think Sundays are for duvets and movies, and those people that think Sundays are for climbing mountains and running.  I think the second people are slightly mad.

Those people that love Summer, and those people that have sweaty boobs.

Those people that announce they are about to have a facebook cull, and those people with better things to do with their time.

Those people that can do brilliant up-dos, and those people that wish they could.

Those people who can roll their tongue, and those people that can’t despite practising for hours.

Those people that eat half a bar of chocolate and put the rest in the fridge, and those people that are normal.


Genuine screen shots of mine and The Husbands phones!

Those people that hold a door open for you, and those people that have bad karma.

Those people who understand “He’s her lobster”, and those people that are young.  And in my opinion the second have lost out.

Those people you want to drink with, and  those people who make you want to drink.

Those who remember their dreams, and those people who sleep like the dead.

Those people who look good in leather trousers, and the other 99% of the population.

Those people who know the difference between your and you’re, and those people who I want to slap.

Those people who can make impulse purchases, and those people who thoroughly research, read reviews and price check.  Th husband is the latter and it drives me crazy!

Those people who eat all the cake without putting on weight, and those people that gain two pounds just by saying the word cake.

Those people who say they don’t like something without even trying it, and those people who have an open mind.

Those people that love Harry Potter, and those people that think it’s a book for kids.

Those people who say specifically, and those people who say pacifally.

Those people who can walk in five-inch-heels, and those people that can do a great impression of Bambi.

Those people that use their indicators,and those people that believe the rest of us are psychic.

Those people who like recorders, and who am I kidding no one likes recorders.


Do you have any to add?


39 Years Life Experience is a series about turning 40.  To celebrate and try and come to terms with the next milestone I will be sharing a post each month about the things that I have learnt, and the things that matter to me, and maybe a few of my more embarrassing experiences, from my 39 years life experience. You can read more posts from the series here:

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Claire Kirby

9 Comments on 39 Years Life Experience: Two types of people in the world

  1. Oh my word, your husbands phone physically pains me. How can he ignore all those notifications!!
    Given the previous weeks weather I would add people who want to make a bastard snowman and sensible people who know snow is evil (bet you cant guess which one I am)

  2. Hahaha I love this. There are people who can eat half a chocolate bar and put it back in the fridge – who are these people??? Loved this! #bigpinklink

  3. Those who are the funniest people on the internet, and those who spend FAR too long contemplating how to be funny 😉
    39? never?! Looking fab darl xx Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  4. those people who are technical whizz’s and the rest of us who regularly want to throw the laptop on the floor and stamp on it
    Yours is a hilarious and observant list. Made me really laugh. thanks #dreamteam

  5. “Those people who know the difference between your and you’re, and those people who I want to slap.” I love this Claire. 39 years of experience has taught me some very similar lessons. Especially the *cake* one. (I actually whispered that for fear of putting on the 2lb!) BRILLIANT post. Here’s to 40-eve. Thanks for linking up with us for #DreamTeam x

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