As my 40th birthday gets ever closer I thought I would write 40 wishes.

Now of course I want world peace, an end to world hunger and poverty. My family to be happy and healthy and for Donald Trump to be abducted by aliens (and never returned).  All that is a given.  This however is a slightly more self indulgent and shallow list.


40 wishes



I wish for inner peace with the way I look and to be comfortable in my own skin.


I wish to only ever buy shoes that don’t give me blisters or make my feet hurt.


I wish to finally find a mascara that doesn’t leave me with black eyes


And whilst we are on that subject I wish to be able to do a smokey eye without looking like I have black eyes


I wish I could enjoy excersize


And not look like a beetroot whilst doing it


I wish to care less about what other people think


I wish I could make friends more easily and be less shy


I wish I could afford to get my nails done every month


I wish there was a cure for shower amnesia.  Did I already condition my hair?  Did I rinse it out?


I wish clothes looked like they do on the models, on me #shortgirlproblems


I wish strawberreis tasted like they do in July all year round


I wish they would develop a chocolate that didn’t make you put on weight or that I could eat chocolate without putting on weight.  Either one


I wish for a lifetime supply of ferrero rocher


I wish Gerard Butler would wish me a happy birthday.  In person.


I wish to no longer break my nails getting the kids strapped in the car


I wish for more frequesnt date nights with the husband


I wish my eyebrows would stop growing and just stay perfectly shaped with no plucking or waxing


If I am wishing for that I wish my legs would always be smooth


I wish the grey hairs would stop coming then I wouldn’t have to dye my hair so often.

Twenty One

I wish my hair would either be straight or curly, not the weird wavy in-between that requires so much styling that it currently is

Twenty Two

I wish I could roller skate

Twenty Three

I wish to go to more live music gigs

Twenty Four

I also wish to go the theatre more

Twenty Five

All this stuff so far is quite expensive so I should probably wish to win the lottery.  Even though I don’t play it!

Twenty Six

I wish for a book deal (doesn’t everyone)

Twenty Seven

I wish my boobs wouldn’t sweat during a heatwave

Twenty Eight

I wish I always knew the right thing to say

Twenty Nine

I wish to belly laugh every day


I wish I could go back and hold my boys as babies one last time and breathe it all in

Thirty One

I wish never to suffer from a hang over again

Thirty Two

I wish I didn’t have hay fever

Thirty Three

I wish for one last chat with my Grandad

Thirty Four

I wish my amazing friends didn’t live so far away

Thirty Five

I wish to always make the husband smile

Thirty Six

I wish my boys the courage to go for their dreams

Thirty Seven

I wish DIY was quick and painless

Thirty Eight

I wish to always be open to learning new things

Thirty Nine

I wish to grow old with the husband


I wish people wouldn’t stand in front of me..,. short.  And no, I don’t wish I was taller.  My nanny always told me good things come in little packages.


That was easier than I thought!

Four months to go!



39 Years Life Experience is a series about turning 40.  To celebrate and try and come to terms with the next milestone I will be sharing a post each month about the things that I have learnt, and the things that matter to me, and maybe a few of my more embarrassing experiences, from my 39 years life experience. You can read more posts from the series here:


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