Can I start by saying I do hate the term ‘influencers’. I guess because we like to think we know our own minds and are not influenced by anyone. But the truth is we are. So on International Women’s day I thought I would share my favourite female influncers who are doing amazing things with their platforms. These are the female influencers who inspire me.

I’m definitely drawn to people who are down to earth, funny and genuine. The perfect instalife doesn’t interest me. It’s not real. I don’t aspire to to it because it’s not possible. Although this group of women use their platforms for different things, they are all relate-able. You are probably following these inspirational women already, but if you don’t check them out.

The female influencers who inspire me…

Female Influencers who inspire me

Anna Whitehouse – Mother Pukka

Both funny and brutally honest about parenting, Anna does invaluable work with her flex appeal campaign. Encouraging companies to think differently about the 9-5, and give people the ability to work flexibly in a way that suits their life.

I know so many women, myslef included, who changed carrers after having babies becuase their old job didn’t afford them the flexibility to be both mother and employee. And so many women that did go back to their old jobs to be met with eye rolls when they have to leave the office on time to collect their child from nursery.

What I really love about Anna’s campaign is it is not just about mothers, or women. It’s inclusive of everyone. Flexibility for all of us to get the illusive work life balance right.

Anna has recently been featured in the Timewise Power 50 list, she is doing great things. Anna is one of the the female influencers who inspire me to believe that we can change the world.

female influencers who inspire

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Molly J Forbes

Molly is an advocate for body positivity and feeling confident in our own skin. She firmly believes in playing by your own rules and wearing what you want. Molly is teaching me to be thankful for my body and appreciate what it does for me. She is a ray of sunshine on instagram.

Self confidence is something I am really trying to work on at the moment. It’s not something that happens over night. But when I watch Molly, I believe that I will get there one day. She reminds me to be kinder to myself, and challenges my perceptions of beauty.

Molly’s positivity inspires me to change the way I think about myself.

female influencers who inspire

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Emma Conway – Brummy Mummy of 2

Emma was one of the first blogs I read. She was my inspiration for starting this blog. Because Emma is a celebration of everything that is normal. You don’t have to be a superhuman size 10 perfect being, to have a voice. You can just be a normal person who loves Poundland and Primark. Who some days finds parenting really tough, and other days literally cannot get enough of their kids.

It’s ok to want to stay in on a Friday night and watch Netflix in your PJ’s and be completely happy with that. It’s ok to just be you.

Thank-you Emma for being lovely, for making me laugh, and for being normal. And showing us that normal is pretty awesome. Emma inspires me everyday to try and embrace who I am.

female influencers who inspire

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Hayley McClean – Sparkles & Stretchmarks

Hayley inspires me with her posts about mental health. She is so open about her struggles with anxiety and the impact they have on her life. Her past experiences of bullying and abuse and how she is working to overcome them. And her feelings about her own body which she is learning to love.

I think Hayley has an incredible gift to make people feel that they are not alone. And by her talking it encourages others to talk. And when it comes to mental health I think talking about things is one of the most important and positive things you can do.

It’s ok not to be ok, and Hayley really inspires me when I am having a bad day.

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Lauren Derrett – This Girl is Enough

Lauren is a straight talking, no nonsense kind of woman. She talks a lot of sense. It’s hard to put Lauren in a box for just one thing, and I have a feeling she would break out f the box if I tried! Lauren is such an inclusive person. Always respectful of other views, but not afraid to share her own. From parenting, to relationships, to body positivity, to getting older. But most of all she is a champion for women. All women.

I thinks everyone needs someone like Lauren in their life to ground them. She takes what life throws at her, deals with it, learns from it, and becomes stronger for it.

Lauren is one of the female influencers who inspire me to be stronger in my self belief, and to own my opinions.

female influencers who inspire

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Laura Dove – Five Little Doves

Laura is a beautiful person inside and out. She is the most talented writer I know. And I now know to have tissues to hand whenever I read anything she as written, because her words always move me to tears.

Laura’s blog is about family life, which includes her son Joseph who was born sleeping twelve years ago. I am always so in awe of people that use their life changing experiences to help others. Laura does lots to raise awareness for SANDS, but more than that, she helps people grieving, people going through the worst time imaginable, and her words offer comfort, support, and practical advice.

Laura inspires me to help people. In whatever small way I can, to try and make a difference to someones day when they are struggling. She inspires me to be a better person.

Plus her pictures are beautiful.

female influencers who inspire

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Harriet – Toby & Roo

I love the beautiful, raw and honest picture Harriet paints of parenting. The ups and the downs. Harriet is never afraid to write about issues that can be controversial, and she always does so with humour, dignity and passion.

She’s the friend that you want on the other end of the phone when your kid has pooed on the carpet. Parenting is a tough gig, and it’s even tougher in a world where our social media feeds are full of kids frolicking in bluebells and #livingtheirbestlife. Harriet’s feed is refreshing and makes you feel less alone when your kid is the one stamping on the bluebells.

Harriet inspires me to be genuine and show all sides of parenting. And although I try not to judge others, Harriet keeps me on track with that. She definitely has a strong we are all in this together vibe, which I love.

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Giovanna Fletcher

As far as female influencers who inspire goes, I don’t think you get get any ‘celebrity’ more lovely and genuine than Giovanna Fletcher.

I first saw Giovanna in the infamous wedding speech her husband gave. I felt an affinity with her and Tom and myself and my husband are childhood sweethearts (I can never say it without cringing at the term!) But she is so likeable that all these years later I am still following her.

I think she comes across as a regular Mum because she is a regular Mum. And that’s what makes her so relate able. She goes through the same issues that we all do. In a world that seems to be becoming increasingly fake, Giovanna is a breath of fresh air.

It’s clear that she works really hard and isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. She writes, she sings, she presents, she acts. I don’t think there is anything that this woman can’t do.

Giovanna inspires me to reach for the stars.

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Kristina Kuzmic Truth Bomb Mum

Seeing as it is International Womens Day I wanted to include female influencers who inspire me from overseas too.

Everyone needs a Kristina Kuzmic, also known as Truth Bomb Mom, in their life. I can’t watch one of her videos without giving her a standing ovation at the end. From breastfeeding, to not judging, to calling out inappropriate beahviour, Kristina always has my full attention when she is talking.

She tackles everything with humour and dignity and she is someone you really want fighting your corner.

Kristina inspires me to have a voice.

female influencers who inspire

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Tova Leigh

Tova is absolutely hilarious to watch. Her #nailedit videos are funny because they so true. It’s what would happen to all of us if we tried to emulate the gravity defying dresses celebs wear on the red carpet, or do insane workouts with our partners. Tova is real and a champion for body confidence and positivity too.

She’s the kind of person that you instantly want to be your friend. And the world is a better place with people like Tova in it. Teaching us that imperfect is far more interesting than perfect.

Tova inspires me to not take myself to seriously and to strive for achievable goals rather than an impossible reality.

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Tell me the female influencers who inspire you?

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