The Mummy had a boy with a red car toy, and dry shampooed hair which she wore without care.
How the boy squealed and how the mummy grinned, as she walked him in his pushchair through sun, rain and wind.
But how the Mummy wailed and how the boy shouted ‘Oi’. When the wind blew so wildly, it blew out the toy.
‘Sh!t’ cried the Mummy, and they turned right around. They searched for the toy but no toy could be found.
Then out of the bushes all covered in mess, there bounded a pig with the toy in her red dress.
She dropped it carelessly, then started to say (as the Mummy gave the car to the boy to play),
‘My name is Peppa, Peppa Pig that’s me. Is there room in the pushchair for a pig like me?’
‘Yes!’ cried the Mummy, and the pig clambered on. The Mummy took the brake off and whoosh! They were gone.

Avoiding the dog crap and the puddles they raced, the boy watched the pig and Mummy had five minutes grace.

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Claire Kirby

11 Comments on Room in the Pushchair – A Parody of Room on the Broom

  1. This is brilliant! Well done! The wheel did break on my pushchair once when I was out – it was not fun! (Emma only just discovered dry shampoo?!) #FridayFrolics

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