A lot of mystery surrounds mediums and their ability to communicate with the dead. Some people question if mediums are real or even if they can, indeed, send and receive messages from the spirits in the afterlife. Even with some people doubting this possibility, many find comfort and forgiveness through medium readings

medium readings

Who are mediums?

Before delving into their work, it is best to start by answering these common questions, who is a medium? How do mediums and psychics differ?

A medium is a link between the living and a loved one’s spirit. Life is uncertain, and the loss of a loved one can leave a gap in one’s life that is impossible to fill. A medium relays messages between the living and the dead in a bid to fill the void left behind by the deceased.

According to mediumship, the dead aren’t truly dead. They have simply moved on to the spirit world. In most cases, mediums will relay specific details and circumstances to prove that they are indeed communicating with the spirit of the dead.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding mediums and psychics, especially since mediums are psychics, while not all psychics are mediums. Several people offer both psychic and medium readings. In some cases, this is done in the same session. Mediums use their psychic abilities to connect with spirits. This is why all mediums are psychic.

A psychic uses intuition to present information about a person’s past, present, and future. They do this by connecting with the client’s energy, spirit guides, or a universal source. In some cases, they turn to astrology and tarot cards for divine guidance. At the end of it, psychic readings aim to offer advice, inspiration, and ways to overcome challenges.

How do mediums pass messages between the sitter and the spirit?

There are two primary ways in which mediums get messages from the spirit world, which they convey to their loved ones who are still alive. Physical and mental mediumships are the common pathways that link mediums to spirits.

Physical mediumship is not common, or even popular these days. This process involves materializations of the spirits, which could be the appearance of parts of their bodies, like the face or hands. In some cases, the whole body spirit would appear and talk to the medium. The other modes of communication involve raps (where one rap means no, or two raps mean yes), direct voices, and moving objects.  

Mental mediumship is the most familiar mode of communication that is in use these days. There are three main types of mental mediumship that you are probably familiar with:

  1. Clairvoyance

This is a path where the medium sees images, animals, and people that have a real or symbolic connection to the spirit’s life. 

  1. Clairsentience

In this case, the medium relies on senses to signify the presence of the spirit. The spirit’s touch, scent, and personality feel so close that the medium could almost reach out and feel the deceased.

  1. Clairaudience

This process involves a clear hearing of the voice of the spirit, spoken to the medium. 

Benefits of getting medium readings

Unless you face the sudden death of a loved one, you may not think of seeking out a medium, unless of course, you are curious about mediumships. The people who benefit most from medium readings are the bereaved, especially those who are plagued with feelings of guilt or those seeking answers.

In some instances, the living yearns for the dead and are looking for a means to communicate with them. Sudden death often leaves people with so much to say, yet they never had the chance to express their feelings. Medium readings offer an opportunity for closure.

Sometimes, the bereaved are left with so many questions about the dead, especially if the person committed suicide. The living is always left wondering why their loved one didn’t ask for help, or how they could have missed the signs. Only the communication with the spirit of the dead can bring comfort to the distressed family or friend.

Peace, this is the feeling most sitters get after a medium reading. Knowing that their loved one is fine, harbors no ill feelings toward the living, or the knowledge that the dead’s spirit is always at hand to listen and provide guidance brings relief to many people. 

Hope is critical for people who are grieving, and mediums give this to their clients. That they can keep communicating with the spirit of a family member or friend whenever they feel the need makes death bearable, and life worth living.

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