Toxic relationships can cause monumental damage for people, families and even their careers. Love between two people isn’t always simple, but it should still be something positive and uplifting most of the time. A bad relationship, however, doesn’t discriminate. You could have your life together and be a strong individual before a union dissolves into bad air.

Relationships can change. They can become better or worse. There is no rule book on how to deal with the love you have for someone. No one should ever be in a position that makes them feel as though they cannot leave someone. A relationship that doesn’t seem right can do many things to a person’s wellbeing and mental health. A partner within a toxic relationship can make you do anything and everything through controlling and manipulative behaviour. Is it a crime to urge someone to commit violence in Los Angeles? Yes, just like many other states and countries across the world. Is it a crime to gaslight someone? Legally no, but mentally and emotionally yes.

Below are some signs of a toxic relationship…

toxic relationship

You can’t say no

You can tell by a person’s voice how they put across certain phrases or sentences. Questions become traps. You have to do anything the person asks you to because you fear what the consequences would be otherwise.

There’s zero effort being made

The love between two people should additionally include effort on both ends. Equal duties. Equal sacrifices. Love can be an investment but when effort is made by two individuals, everything feels better. When you notice that a person is spending less time with you, is messaging you less frequently and you feel exhausted from putting them first, that’s when you know there is a problem.  

Physical and verbal abuse

A deal-breaker. Violence is never acceptable and it doesn’t solve anything.

Nothing gets resolved

Within a toxic relationship arguments sadly become the norm. It’s a way of showing that perhaps the relationship isn’t working. If two people can talk through an argument then great. In fat how you resolve arguments is often the biggest test of relationships. However, when it’s toxic language, nothing really gets resolved. This is mainly because one person in the relationship will have a superior voice. That person will always be in the right, even when they are clearly in the wrong.

Privacy? What’s that?

Unless you’ve got a big secret and done something you shouldn’t have, then you deserve to be trusted. In our current era of social media, it’s hard. Everyone has the right to their own privacy and should be able to enjoy healthy relationships outside of their romantic partnership. You’re an adult and don’t need to be supervised constantly.

There are many more signs of a toxic relationship and plenty more reasons to remove yourself from one. None of which would disregard your strength and ability to really choose what is best for you. Love and happiness may come and go at times but all you have at the end of the day is yourself to take care of.

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